Understanding Solar Panels Gold Coast

Understanding Solar Panels Gold Coast

When you have solar panels, you will create solar energy. In case you don’t know what that means, solar power is considered energy that is usable and generated from the sun. This is possible as specialized solar panels are going to harness sunlight and create electricity or thermal energy. To create solar energy, you are going to need something that is known as photovoltaic solar panels. These solar panels are going to convert all of the sun’s rays that they receive throughout the length of the day into very usable electricity.

Other than the photovoltaics to create electricity, this energy is also very commonly used in thermal applications which help heat fluids and indoor spaces alike. Both commercial and residential properties are able to install and benefit from a solar panel system in the form of hot water and generating electricity.

If you are interested in getting some solar panels installed, you have to figure out which of the three styles you are going to go with so be sure to see more here. Three main scales of solar panels are going to be either commercial, residential, or utility.

Residential Solar Panels

The residential scale is going to be the solar panels that you have already seen on the top of your neighbors’ roof or in their open land if they are ground-mounted. In the later situation, it is normally going to be in a more rural setting where there is much more land available. These setups are usually going to produce between 5 and 20 kW (kilowatts), depending upon how many solar panels they have on their property.

Commercial Solar Panels

When it comes to commercial solar panel projects, they are more commonly installed at a scale that is much greater than the residential one. While they can very easily vary in size, their main purpose is normally to provide solar power to businesses and non-profits alike.

Utility Solar Panels

When it comes to utility solar panel projects, they are typically going to be the extremely large, giant projects that are dealing in the MW (also known as megawatt) installations. These installations are going to provide a ton of solar energy to a very large number of appropriate utility customers.

If you are not able to install any kind of solar panels onto your individual property, you may be interested to know about something that is known as community solar.

Community Solar

When it comes to community solar, it is ideal if you do not have enough space to have your own solar panels. In fact, it is actually a very viable solar option as it is almost directly connected to all of the residential customers that are involved with it. What this means is that this particular type of solar is built in a common area as opposed to somebody’s residence.

No matter what type of are you are in, there is a very convenient solar panel situation that is right for you. Just do a little planning and you will be able to maximize your space and create the perfect solar panel situation for your situation.

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