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Unveiling the Future of Enterprise AI Solutions: World AI Show Returns for its 42nd Edition in Singapore


Trescon is set to organize the 42nd edition of World AI Show, a  global platform showcasing the latest trends and innovations in  enterprise AI solutions. This highly anticipated event will be  held on 2-3 August 2023 at the prestigious Marina Bay Sands  Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore, bringing together IT  Heads and business leaders from enterprises and governments  across the APAC region. 

Friday, 07 July 2023: Singapore, a thriving hub of technological advancements,  is set to host the 42nd edition of World AI Show, organised by Trescon. This  premier event is renowned for highlighting the latest trends and innovations in  enterprise AI solutions, catering specifically to IT Heads and business leaders from  enterprises and governments in the APAC region. With a focus on driving  collaboration and fostering knowledge exchange, World AI Show – Singapore  promises to unveil the future of AI and its various applications. 

World AI Show – Singapore will serve as a platform for global thought leaders,  industry experts, AI enthusiasts and innovators to converge, share insights, and  explore cutting-edge AI solutions. Attendees will gain invaluable knowledge  through keynote presentations, enterprise use-case discussions, panel sessions,  and interactive tech talks. The event will also facilitate business networking  opportunities, enabling participants to connect with like-minded professionals  and forge partnerships to accelerate AI adoption within their organisations. 

The 42nd edition of this prestigious event taking place in Singapore solidifies its  position as a global gathering of AI experts, government officials, and industry  leaders. The event will feature thought-provoking discussions on the latest trends,  challenges, and opportunities in AI, providing attendees with actionable strategies  and valuable insights. The exhibition floor will showcase the most innovative AI  solutions and technologies, allowing participants to experience first-hand the  transformative power of AI across diverse industries.

Naveen Bharadwaj, Group CEO of Trescon, expressed his enthusiasm for the  upcoming event, stating, “World AI Show is a unique platform that brings  together global AI experts, government officials, and industry leaders to shape the  future of AI. Singapore’s vibrant tech ecosystem and strategic location in the  heart of APAC make it an ideal host for our 42nd edition. We are excited to  witness ground-breaking discussions and witness the transformative potential of  AI in enterprise solutions.” 

Notable speakers attending the event include: 

– Miao Song, Global Chief Information Officer, GLP 

– Daniel Ting, Director, AI Office SingHealth 

– Ivan Ng, Chief Technology Officer, City Developments Limited – Sudesh Kumar, Chief Digital Officer, Hello Health Group 

– Nirupam SD, Senior Scientist, Head of IoT and Artificial Intelligence Energy  Research Institute at NTU, The Nanyang Technological University 

One of the key speakers at the show Miao Song, Global Chief Information Officer,  GLP, said, “AI is the most promising yet controversial technology in this modern  world. Adopting AI in the right way will only help us to grow our businesses and  create a positive impact on humankind. I look forward to sharing best practices  and take part in in-depth discussions in the upcoming World AI Show in  Singapore.” 

Sudesh Kumar, Chief Digital Officer, Hello Health expressed his excitement about  the show saying, “Witness the future at World AI Show, where global innovators  unite to unveil ground-breaking advancements, fostering a world where artificial  intelligence transcends human potential and creates limitless possibilities.” 

The 42nd global edition of the World AI Show is supported by: 

– Platinum sponsor – Dataiku 

– Gold Sponsor – Singlestore 

– Robotics Sponsor – Aliriza Group 

– Bronze Sponsor – WNS – Vuram

Aliriza Abdul Gafoor, Chairman and CEO at Aliriza group quoted, “Aliriza Group  aims to accelerate AI innovation and adoption in Singapore, contributing to the  National AI Strategy and reinforcing Singapore’s global AI hub status through our  participation in the World AI Show” 

Mark your calendars for 2-3 August 2023 and join the brightest minds in the AI  community at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Singapore.  Experience the forefront of AI innovation, gain actionable insights, and forge  strategic partnerships at the 42nd edition of World AI Show. For more  information and registration, visit 

About Trescon: 

Trescon is a pioneering force in the global business events and services sector,  driving the adoption of emerging technologies while promoting sustainability and  inclusive leadership. 

In line with their vision to foster a future driven by emerging technologies, you  are invited to join these upcoming events by Trescon: 

– World Fintech Show at Jakarta and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

– World CX Summit at Singapore and Manila 

– World Cloud Show at Manila 

– World AI Show at Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

– World Blockchain Summit at Singapore and Dubai 

– World Cloud Show at Jakarta 

Trescon is glad to announce a new mega tech show called Digital Acceleration and  Transformation Expo (DATE) scheduled to take place in Delhi in November 2023  and Jakarta in 2024. 

For more information, visit: 

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