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Upcoming Crypto Listing: yPredict’s Launch on MEXC & Bitmart


yPredict, a leader in predictive forecasting solutions for crypto analysts, developers and traders, announces the listing of its YPRED tokens on two prominent cryptocurrency exchanges – MEXC and Bitmart.

This listing is set for 5th March 2024 at 11:00 am UTC

This event of listing the $YPRED coins and the prediction tool will mark a significant milestone of the project. 

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In this technologically advanced era, it will empower crypto traders and analysts with enhanced insights and higher predictive capabilities. It will further enable all the users on this platform to make informed investment decisions. platform offers a wide range of features carefully designed keeping in mind the needs of the traders and investors. The top 1% of AI experts design its algorithms, and the tool thinks the same as that experienced traders would analyze and forecast the market trends and offer suggestions. 

The list of features a user can expect on the platform

1. Advanced AI-based Predictive Analytics: 

Using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, provides accurate information about the price movements of various crypto coins. It enables traders and investors to anticipate the trends and make decisions accordingly. 

2. 25+ Technical charts: 

There is no need to use monotonous Excel sheets for calculations, as users get built-in 25+ technical indicators on the platform. Users can choose the one which suits best with their assets. 

3. Get real-time sentiment analysis: 

As we know, the financial market is highly influenced by investors’ sentiments (such as fear of losing money or greed for making money). These factors play a major role in influencing price fluctuations. Access to real-time sentiment analysis will help users gauge what other investors think of a specific asset and can accordingly enter, exit the market, or hedge their funds.  

4. Widespread application: 

As the top 1% of AI developers build the platform, its applications are not limited to the finance or crypto sector only but expand to healthcare, human resources, etc. 

5 An ecosystem of cutting-edge AI Products: 

Access the various cutting-edge AI products within the yPredict’s ecosystem, such as a backlink estimator, an AI-powered editor tool, market analytics, and much more. 

About MEXC: 

MEXC is a leading Cryptocurrency exchange well-known for its wide range of digital assets listed on it. It offers advanced trading features to crypto traders around the globe. The MEXC exchange provides a seamless, effective, and smooth trading experience with an easy-to-operate interface and strong security measures. 

About Bitmart

Bitmart is another prominent crypto exchange platform. It offers a wide range of digital assets with unique in-built trading tools. As it presents globally, offering liquidity and efficiency in transactions, it is considered one of the best exchange platforms for experienced and novice traders. 

Commenting on the launch, Ankit Singh, Community Manager at yPredict, said: “We are thrilled to announce this launch on MEXC and Bitmart, two leading cryptocurrency exchanges. This event marks our commitment to empowering traders with advanced forecasting capabilities, enabling them to navigate the crypto market with confidence.

Traders and analysts seeking to elevate their trading strategies and gain a competitive edge can now access yPredict’s forecasting solutions through MEXC and Bitmart.

For more information about yPredict and its listing on MEXC and Bitmart, please visit 

About yPredict:

yPredict is a leading provider of advanced forecasting solutions for cryptocurrency traders and analysts. Leveraging cutting-edge machine learning algorithms, yPredict empowers traders, developers, quants, and analysts with accurate predictions and real-time insights, further enabling them to make informed decisions in the dynamic crypto market.

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