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According to a post published on the blog of the portal in order to enjoy the new update of Bitcoin Cash, it is necessary to deploy a new node. The new version of the network Blockchain of this criptomoneda, is planned for the 15 of November of this year.

In this way, before the date mentioned, the users, individual miners or institutions that use this digital currency, will have to install the Node BCHN. In this way, this criptomoneda get the attention of the community.

It is important to note that, for the time of writing, the majority of the pools of mining are already giving the option of the BCHN. Another aspect that should be noted is that this has not been out of controversies, because Bitcoin Cash is a currency to be extremely controversial.

What is this project?

Bitcoin Cash, shortly met its scheduled update, is maintained as a focus of controversy. As is known, this criptomoneda is a fork of Bitcoin. Although there are other forks like Litecoin, this can be controversial because it is attributed to the position of the original.

Of course, this is no cause for sympathy for the users of Bitcoin. All of this has surrounded by a Bitcoin Cash out of an environment of stormy seas which, with the new update, is taking a new momentum.

Bitcoin Cash was born in 2017, according to the creators by the necessity of evolution and overcoming the problems of the original version. Also, they accused the first of having distorted their original purpose, so that this new currency was born to revive the project.

Currently, it is one of the major digital currencies, occupying the position number 6 in market capitalization ranking on CoinMarketCap. At the time of writing, the price of Bitcoin Cash is $ 294,55 and its market capitalization is $ 5.447.644.974.

The Hash Rate of Bitcoin Cash is 2.9 EH/s to a few months of your upgrade.
A few months of the new update, the Hash Rate of Bitcoin Cash is 2.9 EH/s. Source:

New update of Bitcoin Cash in march

Unlike Ethereum 2.0, the update Bitcoin Cash, will not be a radical change in the way of mining. It will keep the protocol Proof-of-Work (PoW), and the changes will operate in the Blockchain.

According to the team ABC, the new rules of the update have generated distrust in some users. Agree with the above post, this rule will allow to redirect 8% of the rewards “the development of the infrastructure of Bitcoin Cash”.

Another aspect worthy of mention is that the new node BCHN, will be implemented immediately by the network. For this reason, it is recommended that users install it as soon as possible.

A criptodivisa loved and hated

So you have to deal on Bitcoin Cash, beyond its announced update, is that not only has some friends. Many influential people will have little appreciation of this fork.

One of them is the renowned investor and promoter of the criptomonedas, Max Keiser, who in his Twitter account he referred to Bitcoin Cash in a derogatory manner as a ‘ garbage that is sinking”.

“BCH will never work. From his first day, he was a disaster and was born dead. Why some lunatics continue to cling to a garbage that sinks?, it is something as disconcerting as the more crazy even that support BSV”, tweeted the analyst.

Data to be taken into consideration

  • The current value of Bitcoin Cash is $ 294.55 and its market capitalization is $ 5.447.644.974.
  • BCH is ranked number 6 in market capitalization according to the ranking of CoinMarketCap.
  • The Hash Rate of BCH is 2.9 EH/s, according to the portal
  • Bitcoin Cash is a fork or division of Bitcoin and its developers are attributed to the position of Bitcoin.
  • The new update of Bitcoin Cash, we will execute the next November 15, 2020.
  • If you are a user of BCH, you can download the new node in this link

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