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Voice Tech Summit Asia, 2021 – Virtual Conference and Exhibition – June 24th – 25th


Voice Tech Summit Asia is the first-ever two days AI-focus virtual conference and exhibition designed to host 2500+ industry executives, developers, engineers and adopters of Speech AI or voice technology. The summit will reflect the latest tendencies and recent application changes in the AI Voice Recognition space in the APAC market. Discover AI VoiceTech application in all industry sectors, from BFSI, Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare and much more. There has been a shift from traditional call centres towards chat boxes and voice AI due the quick nature of responses. Discover the latest trends in the Voice Search era. Digital Voice Assistants are the future. Find out how you can put your business on the map of the future. Evaluate the importance of Speech Recognition Data from our exemplary speakers, voice solution providers, and exhibitors.”

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