What Are The Benefits Of Doing A Shoe Drive Fundraiser

Benefits Of Doing A Shoe Drive Fundraiser

If you are looking for efficient ways to raise funds, one of the best ways to do that is through a shoe drive. With this creative fundraiser, you don’t need to sell any goods or invest anything to raise the amount that you need. Just about any group with a cause can do their own shoe fundraiser with just their voices and smiles as their capital. Give this shoe campaign a chance so you can raise loads of cash. Consider the following benefits of conducting this kind of activity to raise funds:

Offers Ease and Convenience

When you are looking to give back to your community, a shoe drive is one of the easiest methods. For example, at Angel Bins, all you have to do is collect gently worn shoes from willing donors. You can then schedule a pickup or bring it to the facility. Then, they will weigh the shoes you’ve gathered and pay you straight away based on the weight. All you need is very minimal time investment to spread your advocacy and schedule a pickup or drop off. 

You will find this more convenient than a traditional bake sale where you have to spend on ingredients, cook your inventory, and sell the goods. In this pandemic, it becomes tricky to assemble and sell for fear of transmission. By the same token, you cannot do a benefit dinner or concert either because of social distancing. As such, doing a shoe drive is easier for the following reasons:

  • Assures you don’t fork out money for prepping for the event.
  • Skip hardcore sales of baked goodies or dinner tickets.
  • Offers a convenient way to raise funds because everyone has used shoes.
  • Provides an avenue to help your cause without exposing you to the virus threat. 
  • Complies with government mandates and regulations. 

Accords an Easy Way for People to Help

When you do a shoe drive, people don’t have to hand you their hard-earned money. Usually, people prefer to save their cash. In a bake sale, you entice people to buy goods they may not necessarily like. So, in the meantime, a benefit dinner or concert is also an added expense because they pay for tickets and dress up to mingle. In contrast, with a shoe fundraising campaign, there is no pressure selling because people will always have used shoes they are willing to part with. 

What’s more, this method provides everyone a chance to take an in-depth look at their closets. Hence, they can begin discarding clutter that no longer sparks joy. In a way, you also help them out because people often feel relieved to spring clean their closets. When they give the shoes to you, it also feels more rewarding than just dumping them in a landfill. Hence, you enable other people to help even if they don’t leave their homes. 

Fosters Social Responsibility and Eco-Sustainability

Every avid shoe collector knows that leather, rubber, and other shoe materials disintegrate with time. Even if you don’t wear shoes, harsh environmental factors like humidity can kill your shoes. Shoes don’t just gather dust in storage, but they can also grow molds and mildew. As such, it is easy to convince donors to let go of their shoes that have deteriorated over time. 

Instead of littering up landfills, giving old stuff to a shoe drive is a better solution. Remember, shoes take years to biodegrade, so giving them away offers a more green solution. For example, a shoe drive campaign with Angel Bins assures that the donated shoes will be repurposed, reused, or recycled. Typically, they disinfect the shoes and send them to developing countries where the impoverished citizens can’t afford them. 

When you conduct a shoe fundraiser, you save Mother Earth and help the less fortunate at the same time. With a shoe drive, you don’t just help a cause earn funds, but you make tons of feet happy. As such, you can also fulfill your social responsibility to your community when you participate in this campaign.   

Provides a Super Safe Way to Raise Money

A shoe drive proffers the safest way to raise funds. Right now, the whole world is dealing with a global pandemic, so people are not inclined to gather. Bake sales, benefit dinners, fundraising concerts, and the like are just impossible to do. You risk spreading the virus through social gatherings. By the same token, improper food handling can also compromise goods. For this reason, shoe fundraisers offer the most safety and security. 

How is it easier? Well, all you have to do is collect shoes around the community. Take a look at the following steps below:

  1. Spread the word about your shoe campaign and ask people to prep the shoes they’re willing to part with. 
  2. Instruct them to place their chosen shoes in plastic bags.
  3. Schedule a drop off in a school parking lot or other location. 
  4. You can offer a pickup where they can place the shoes in a plastic bin. There’s no need to touch each other through this method, minimizing contact and spreading the contagion. 
  5. After collecting the shoes, you just bring everything to the facility, or they can pick them up from you. 
  6. Once weighed, they will cut you a check. Easy peasy!

Promotes a Chain of Positivity

When you solicit people to support your shoe campaign, you foster bonds. You also give other people a chance to help out even if they can’t go out or don’t have the spare cash. Research indicates that giving back and helping other people will make the givers feel happier and healthier. The recipients are also delighted to receive help during trying times. 

Starting an act of kindness through your shoe fundraiser will go a long way because it promotes a chain of positivity. Those who have been helped will also feel compelled to help out in the future. It is time to remember that happier people become healthier people. Why? Because releasing happy hormones boosts the body’s immunity, which helps in fighting off diseases.  

Final Wrap Up

When you can give back to your community, you will feel better. Helping the less fortunate can also lessen your own stress because you learn to count your blessings. Likewise, sharing is highly rewarding because you work for the common good. Remember, you were not placed on this planet just for your own selfish pursuits. More fulfillment comes when you inspire others and do your small part to change the world.

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