What Are the Major Causes Of 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents?


18-wheeler trucks are some of the most common vehicles on many roads in Dallas and other parts of the country. The primary reason behind this is that they are ideal for carrying different kinds of bulky items. But the high number of these trucks on the road also means that they are often involved in accidents. Several factors have been pinpointed as the primary causes of 18-wheeler truck accidents.

Driver Fatigue

Most 18-wheeler truck drivers usually transport goods over long distances, and as a result, the drivers have to be on the road for long hours. Some drivers have to remain behind the wheel even when they are fatigued to beat deadlines. Such drivers become excessively tired, which is one of the leading causes of accidents involving 18-wheeler trucks.

The best way of avoiding excessive fatigue is taking regular breaks while on the road. These can be short breaks of about thirty minutes after every two hours of driving. It is also advisable to get enough sleep of about eight hours every twenty-four hours while working as a long-distance truck driver.

Drunk Driving

Alcohol is another major cause of truck accidents where some drivers drink and then try to drive. Such drivers are unable to make proper judgments, and their actions usually cause accidents. Any qualified and experienced truck wreck attorney can tell you that a significant percentage of 18-truck accidents result from drivers getting behind the wheels while drunk.

It is both immoral and irresponsible for a drunk person to drive, especially while driving a truck. Such drivers endanger their lives and the lives of other road users. The authorities have put strict measures, including heavy penalties, to deal with drunk driving among truck drivers.

Poor visibility

Most truck drivers usually drive both during the day and at night to ensure they reach their destinations within the stipulated time. Such drivers might suffer from the issue of poor visibility, especially at night. Visibility is essential, particularly while driving on unfamiliar roads.

The drivers are advised to avoid driving at night, and if it is necessary to drive at night, they should go at extremely low speeds. Most truck companies create schedules that allow their drivers to be on the road only during the day. The importance of this is to ensure that they only drive when they can see all the aspects of the road correctly.

Mechanical problems

Some trucking companies do not take proper care of their trucks, and this often results in accidents. These are the companies looking to make as much profit as possible without spending much on expenses such as repairs. The poorly maintained trucks can malfunction even while on transit, which can easily cause accidents.

The ideal way to avoid accidents resulting from mechanical problems is to ensure that the trucks are regularly checked for mechanical issues. It is also essential for truck companies to invest more in getting quality spare parts for their trucks.

Therefore, 18-wheelers trucks are often involved in accidents because of avoidable reasons. If you are involved in an 18-wheeler truck accident, make sure you contact a truck accident attorney. The importance of this is that the attorney will provide you with legal assistance on the best way to handle your case.

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