Best time to eat nuts

It always seems easy to grab on a pack of chips or that cup of coffee early morning empty stomach, when heading towards work. Because who wants to take this load of making this decision the first thing in the morning, right? Choosing the easy way just leads to an unhealthy body and mind. 

Nuts and seeds are adjudged as the best foods to snack on. Health experts all over the world stress on the benefits that these little wonders do to our bodies. There are endless benefits that nuts have, which can do miracles in our daily lives. If you want to extract the maximum advantage from nuts, then it is advised that the best time to eat nuts is in the morning, especially almonds. Intake of nuts along with breakfast can help ward off fatigue and smoothly regulate blood pressure in the body.

Every dry-fruit has its own benefits on how and when to be eaten. Here, let us talk about what is the best time to eat nuts of various kinds. 


Best Time to Eat Nuts:

Eating dry fruits don’t really have any good or bad time. But, to squeeze the maximum health benefits of dry fruits here is how you should be consuming these nutritionally dense foods with the help of a simple eating plan. Like, nuts higher in minerals and vitamins are best when consumed in the morning and nuts which help in better digestion should be consumed at night. This way, nuts nourish the body and help sustain your activities throughout the day. Not only the timing, but the quantity that you consume is also important. Here is a list that will give you details about the ideal time to eat nuts and the quantity required by the body.

Morning- Almonds

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Generally, mornings are always hectic as we have a lot of chores to do. It is a ritual at a lot of homes to consume almonds in the morning and rightly so. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, riboflavin and manganese which boost our immune functions and help the body fight infections and more effectively help boost our memory, skin, and hair. 

Evening- Cashews and Pistachios

Cashews and Pistachios help in boosting immunity and stamina after a long day at work. They work as a really good snacking option also they are good to eat as a pre-workout food. Cashews are rich in fats which gives an instant energy boost while, Pistachios, on the other hand, are extremely heart-healthy. It is advised to take 3 of them each, every day.

Night- Walnuts, Prunes, and Dates

Walnuts, Prunes, and Dates are high in soluble fiber and can outstandingly help you with problems related to digestion and constipation. Consuming Walnuts, Prunes, and Dates at night ensures that you don’t feel bloated or constipated the next day. A date accompanied by two prunes and 3-4 walnuts should be consumed every night for the best results.

Try to avoid high, rich, delicious nuts in the night which can disturb your sleep. Also, avoid nuts roasted in oil or coated with chocolate. Don’t eat nuts after food, as they are not medicine, instead eat when you are in a pang of hunger, because it is the best snack food.

So, it is not just about the type of nuts that you should be careful of; it is also about the timings that will help you get the rightly desired results.

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