What to Factor into Your Business Finances


There are many different elements that you need to factor into your business finances to ensure that you can keep on top of them and to ensure that you can create an accurate budget for your company in the future. Then, here is what you need to factor into your business finances in 2023. 

Charitable Giving 

Many business owners decide to give a portion of their profits to charity. Not only can this make you look good to your customers, but it will enable you to leverage your business success to make the world a better place. Then, you should work out how much of your profits you can afford to give to a charity. You should also look around for a non-profit organization that does work that you respect and whose mission aligns with your values and what is important to you. For instance, you might decide that you want to donate to veterans who are in difficult circumstances or who are struggling to adjust to civilian life. This can then help you to feel better about your contribution to wider society. 

Your Fixed Costs

When you are trying to understand the state of your business finances, you need to ensure that you know the exact numbers when it comes to your fixed costs, which include rent and utilities. By knowing these fixed costs, you will be able to ensure that the money for these is set aside every month, and how much you have left over to spend on less essential elements of your business. However, you might be able to reduce these fixed costs by working from home, renting a smaller office building, or looking for a new energy supplier. This can then free up more of your money to spend on aspects of business that interest you. 


When you are growing your business, you will likely decide to hire more employees to keep your company running. However, when you do this, you must factor wages into your business finances to ensure that you are always able to pay your employees. Otherwise, you may find that you must let some of your employees go. Then, you should make sure that their wages are in line with what you can afford, and that you factor in wage rises and bonuses to ensure that your employees have a good experience at your company. 


There will always be some extra costs for your business occasionally. As well as new equipment and software subscriptions, these might include events. The occasional event to celebrate your employees or to ignite interest in a new product can help to boost your company’s profile and the morale of your team. However, these can be expensive. Then, you should always ensure that you have the budget for this event and that you save up for this all year round, if you need to. This will mean that you can stage an event whenever you need to, especially if you will not be getting the money back through ticket costs. 


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