What you should know about dedicated hosting


A managed hosting service called dedicated server hosting gives you—the client—exclusive use of an entire server with no other users around.

It is the best hosting option that gives you numerous benefits. It is associated with a higher cost, and it is definitely an investment, but if your website needs dedicated hosting, it is worth paying the price. As you can see from this Kamatera review, you can pay less than $30 a month. 

But how do you know your website needs dedicated hosting?

You have an increase in traffic 

Shared hosting packages automatically restrict the amount of permitted website traffic and bandwidth. The best option for rapidly growing sites with a focus on great user experience is dedicated hosting. Suppose your site experiences significant levels of traffic, or it has an unpredicted spike in visitors. It may be time to upgrade to a dedicated server in order for your site to be more reliable.

You require personal information 

You should lean toward dedicated hosting if you are dealing with sensitive information that belongs to you and your site visitors. Because you never know who your server neighbors are with shared hosting, you may be vulnerable to virus attacks, shady websites, and cyber threats. 

If your visitors need to put credit card information in order to purchase something from your site, you need to have the highest level of security. You get that with dedicated hosting.

You want a higher SEO rank 

When you are on a shared server, you may be sharing it with essentially anyone. If your server neighbor is an adult site or exceptionally spammy, the ding on the IP address impacts your site as well and immediately lowers your search engine rank.

If you want to rank well in search results, you will largely benefit from a dedicated server because no amount of SEO work can help you get past a blacklisted IP address.


Uptime – In contrast to shared hosting, server uptime is greater—up to 99.995%—and traffic fluctuations have no effect on the operation of your website. Additionally, you do not share resources with any other website, so your uptime will always stay the same.

Control – A server is owned entirely by the person who is paying for it. You are free to install any program or application to meet the demands of the job at hand or your company’s needs. You may configure the server any way you like according to your wants.

Security – Every business’s main priority is security, which cannot be compromised. One benefit of dedicated hosting is that since there are no other nearby sites, there is no security concern from other sites. Additionally, you may choose your own security measures and tailor them to the requirements of your website.

Support – Because of the nature of the websites and apps housed on dedicated servers, the majority of service providers offer 24/7 customer assistance. This is essential since you are investing a lot of money to have your own server, so you cannot afford to have any issues.


Cost – The cost of dedicated servers is high since they are only used by you. The owner has access to all of the resources. Without a doubt, it is not a viable solution for new businesses and novices. When you need great performance, nevertheless, it is the go-to option.

Knowledge – In contrast to shared or VPS hosting, running a dedicated server requires technical know-how to set it up, run it, install it, administer it, etc.

Upgrade – A dedicated physical server is a large system to begin with, which makes scaling a great challenge. Additionally, switching to a bigger server rather than just adding resources may be necessary if your company expands. This is yet another expensive investment. 


Dedicated hosting is the best option for large websites that have a huge amount of traffic. It is expensive, but you get your own resources that you can manage however you want.  If you think dedicated hosting is what your website needs, then the next thing you should do is take a look at the best provider for this type of solution.

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