Whole House Water Filter for Sulfur

Whole House Water Filter for Sulfur

Sulfur in Drinking water creates a health issue. Bacteria and Sulfur creates a hydrogen sulfide gas, which creates a bad odor like a rotten egg in water. In the end, it leads to dehydration and Diarrhea. Sulfur damages your plumbing pipes, bathroom, sinks and creates a corrode in steel plumbing pipes. Whole House Water Filter is used to reduce these smell and plumbing problems by removing sulfur from water.

HE Sulfur-Clear Whole House Water Filter

For better test and smell of water, you need to remove Sulfur and Hydrogen Sulfide from water. These contaminants are unnecessary in water. Culligan’s HE Sulfur-Clear System Removes lousy odor and taste from water. It is the latest technology, Whole House Water Filter, which controls many things during the filtration process.

Air Compressor in executing the aeration process,  it creates oxidation to remove sulfur, hydrogen sulfide, and iron from water. You can on and off the Air Compressor when it needs.

Bypass valve in filter adjusts the water flow, whether to bypass water from the screen. Exclusive Culligan Soft-Minder Meter is attached with a filter system, which controls the daily use of water and gives advance notifications. Also, Backlit digital displays for your water filter is working or not, or the system is having any trouble.

With using Remote Display, you can manage the filter from anywhere. The attached modem informs the dealer if the System needs plumbing and service. Valve and fittings are non-corrosive.

Sturdy Media Tanks, Smooth, and Non-permeable inner tank. While Optional Tank provides four-layer protection in terms of material, media tank material works as a catalyst, so it enhances the reaction fo hydrogen sulfide, Iron, and Oxygen.

HE Sulfur-Clear is a WQA Certified Water Filter System in UL. And Water Filter service is handled by Culligan Water Expert.

HI-Tech Big Blue Whole House Filter

Hi-Tech Whole House Water Filter is made to reduce over 95% of Contaminants from water, and It removes chemical, Chloramine, Chlorine. While Sulfur creates a bad taste and odor in water, so, Filter System Removes the red-color from water, bad taste, and smell from water.

In the High-Tech Water filter system, all filters are work together for the filtration system. Use system nearly municipal water supply and it produces clean water for household use. You can use this filtered water in bathing, drinking, and washing. For every Appliance in everywhere in your home, you will get sulfur-free clean water. And it prevents corrosion with steel plumbing.

Hi-Tech uses a big blue filter, and it increases the longevity of filter cartridges. When it needs to replace, it is easy to replace the cartridges, swap out from the cap.

Matrix Infusion Sulfur Removal System

To remove the rotten egg smell, bad odor, and taste of water, the Matric Infusion system continuously adds a hydrogen peroxide against hydrogen sulfide. It is oxidized with Iron through a catalyst carbon filter.

Water Filter System Removes Hydrogen Sulfide up to 40 ppm, Manganese up to 1 ppm, and Iron up to 20 ppm. Also, it removes Sediment, Silt, Cloudiness, and Sand. The system is rigorously tested and get them certified in NSF/ANSI 61 and WQA.

A system including the internal meter, which counts the gallon and flow rates. 12 Watt Electric system which saves electricity. Due to automatic operation, the maintenance costs will be low.

Ten years of extended-lasting warranty on carbon filter valve and electronics while While Five years of warranty on Injection panel.

Sulfur creates lousy taste in water, and this Whole House Water Filter removes it from water.

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