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Letting stuff go isn’t easy. Hoarding is a practice many find hard to drop. However, knowing why it’s hard for you to let stuff go is the first step. Before you even look for a junk removal service, establish your sentimental attachment.

You can’t blame yourself for hoarding stuff, as you’re not alone. Sometimes it’s not that you can’t dispose of all junk items, but just one. All the reasons why you would want to hold on to stuff might be genuine. However, clutter is just clutter – no matter how you view it. Your junk removal obstacle is perhaps due to the following reasons:

You assume that you’ll Fix It

The main word here is ‘assume.’ If you’re really good at fixing stuff, then probably you’ll repair that item. This also depends on your passion to handle repairs. But let’s face it – if you’re neither passionate nor have the skills, you’re not repairing anything.

Sometimes you need to be honest with yourself. DIY is not for everyone, as not everybody enjoys it. You’d rather replace an item or take it for repairs if you’re in this dilemma. So, every time you set aside an item ‘assuming’ that you’ll repair it, you’re falling into a trap.

Therefore, if you’re hoarding anything just because you think you’ll repair it, then you need to gather courage and let it go. Do you know what happens when you start storing things with that excuse? They pile up and develop into clutter, which you definitely don’t want in your home.

The idea is to give yourself a deadline to repair the spoilt item if at all you know how to do it. If you can’t then either sell it, donate it, or call the junk removal experts to haul it away.

You Haven’t Thought of Selling

Most people hold on to items simply because the thought of selling them hasn’t crossed their minds. Or maybe they don’t have a clue on where or how to sell the item. It’s simple – you just need to decide whether you want to sell the item online or offline.

For the latter, a garage sale would do. Liaise with your neighborhood to know when they plan to hold garage sales. Better still, plan your own garage sale by creating a few posters. You’ll be shocked to see someone else gladly taking what you’ve been so hesitant to let go.

Knowing clearly that you’re hoarding something with a potential value tag on it should be the biggest motivation to release it. When it comes to selling stuff online, there’s practically nothing you can’t sell. On Craigslist or any other online site, there are thousands of buyers ready to take second-hand items. Some of them may even be willing to come and take the item personally. Thus, saving you the expense of transportation.

You’re Not Aware of the Right Junk Removal Companies

It’s possible that what’s holding you back is the lack of information on the right junk removal company. People get stuck where they’ve decided to finally get rid of stuff they hoard, only that they don’t know-how.

With numerous junk removal companies present, you are literally spoilt for choice. Making a decision on which one to pick maybe a hustle. Luckily, online reviews and customer testimonials can guide you into the right choice.

Once you’ve identified the right junk removal partner, go into the specifics when describing the type of junk you have. This helps them give you better estimates of the service.

Because you feel that You Might Need it Later

This is a genuine reason to hoard items. The future is unknown to everyone. Therefore, you would be hurt to discover that what you disposed of would have made a difference later. When you’re decluttering on a low income, this factor is particularly difficult to go over.

In addition, if you had spent a significant sum on the item, you’re probably going to feel a pinch about disposing of it. People don’t like regrets associated with mistakes. To justify junk removal, you might want to ask yourself the following:

  • Have you used it in the past 6 months? If not, then you probably don’t even need it.
  • Does it have an alternative? Imagine a scenario where you’ve disposed of the item. Can you find something else in its place even in the future? If yes, then you’re good to go – let it leave your presence.
  • Is it possible to get another similar item? Let’s say you’re disposing an electronic gadget that no longer works. Can you get a similar gadget again? If you can, then there’s no need panicking – get rid of it.

Sentimental Attachment

Arguably, this is the toughest reason to counter. If you have a sentimental attachment to an item, then it’s pretty hard to dispose of it. Maybe you got it from someone special or had it as a souvenir.

We understand that this can be difficult to let go of. Sometimes you don’t even have use for the item anymore, but its sentimental value is holding you back. The solution here is to find somewhere to keep the item, where it doesn’t cause clutter. If not, then gather the might to let it go, finally.

Final Thoughts

Winding up, releasing something that you once valued is everything, but easy. It’s a tall order, to be more precise, when the item has sentimental value. However, once you make the crucial decision to do so, it’d be great if you involved the right junk removal experts.

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