Why is Identity and Data Governance Crucial for Public Cloud?

Automation engine for identity and data governance in the cloud

No matter if you use public, hybrid, or private cloud, you can always gain profit with instant provisioning, scalability, virtualized resources, and capability to expand the server base swiftly.

When talking about cloud computing, most people refer to it as a public cloud. It is a computing service model that businesses use to store their data and provide general services to their consumers over the internet. Mostly, professionals use identity and data governance solutions from providers like Sonrai security to ensure the security of significant data stored on the cloud.

Cloud Data Protection

When speaking of the cloud and data protection, identity, and security are at the root of how you protect your cloud-first environment. When you plan your relocation to the public cloud, it is incomplete if your business is not familiar with the different powerful security measures that the main cloud platforms (Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud) offer to guard your new highly scalable environments.

Moreover, it is crucial that your business efficiently manages the identities of all staff and access rights to resources to effectively leverage cloud-based security solutions. It is also a must that both the IT team and key decision-makers first understand what identity management includes in the context of cloud security. Only then they can plan and develop a strategy, framework, specification, and procedures to guard their data.

Why Do You Need Identity and Data Governance Solutions for Cloud?

Identity management is your business’s capability to effectively identify, validate, and authorize individual users or groups and their access to data, specifically cloud applications, data, networks, and systems.

Most of the organizations today work on big data that includes sensitive customer and company information. Since a lot of people can have access to this data, you must have data and identity management policies to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands or getting used for unintended purposes.

Cyber-crime is also on the rise and is costing businesses millions to lessen its effects. Hence, usage of effective identity and data governance platforms like those from Sonrai Security is a must. The platform will ensure the privacy of all data as it flows through the organization.

Implement Preventive Controls

It will help if you implement appropriate preventive controls in your organization. Your users should have access to just the minimum resources that they need. Also, restrict their access to sensitive data. It may seem straightforward, but how do you recognize what data is sensitive and what type of access privileges is suitable for a specific job function? 

Here, data governance solutions can help you by finding sensitive data across the enterprise and gathering and analyzing permissions to show you the people who have access and what. Moreover, an identity governance solution can help ensure that all user access follows policy and job roles. Hence, you can immediately revoke unsuitable access to the cloud.

To sum up, identity and access to your public cloud should be the prime security concern for your organization. And since identity and data governance can be challenging, using identity and data governance platforms like Sonrai Security is a must for your organization.

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