Why is Jewellery a Good investment?

Why is Jewellery a Good investment?

If you’re a fan of expensive jewellery, you likely follow the news about this industry. There are so many ongoing auctions around the world featuring heirloom pieces from well-known families that see at incredible prices. Just last year, a multi-coloured Cartier bracelet, which was crafted in 1930, was sold for 1.3 million US dollars at an online auction by Sotheby’s. This piece of jewellery was not as expensive as it was when it was first bought, but the value greatly appreciates over time. This event should give you an idea of why jewellery remains to be one of the best investments.

Other than mentioned, here are more reasons why it’s smart to invest in jewellery.

  • You can easily convert it to money

Jewellery is sold quicker than any other investment, such as a house or land, which means it is liquid. You can sell it anywhere in the world, and its price is generally a lot cheaper than any other investment property.  

  • It is portable

Jewellery is light and small. Rings, bracelets, necklaces and rings—you can carry them all inside your bag and bring them with you anywhere you go. Plus, compared to collecting antique plates, vases or something alike, jewellery is much easier to preserve and store. Just for this reason alone, a lot of people consider buying jewellery as part of their investment. 

  • It is timeless

If you buy necklaces online today, you know they will never go out of style or depreciate in value many years from now. You buy a piece of jewellery today, and you can keep it until such time you decide to sell it. It is a tangible investment you can enjoy using anytime, anywhere you want.   

  • It is a stable and safe investment

With today’s global economic status, when prices of everything unpredictably go up and down, jewellery prices stay stubbornly stable. When the value of currencies erratically fluctuates, diamond and gold stay as they are. If you are looking for an asset that stays valuable for long, consider investing in precious jewellery. 

  • It has sentimental value

One of the reasons why people hold onto jewellery pieces is due to their sentimental value. Heirloom pieces are passed down from one generation to another and increase in value with time. When you purchase a diamond ring today, this can become the most valuable investment you can ever make for your family. Jewellery holds sentimental value, which makes them all the more precious than other forms of investment.

  • It has price independence

Most options for investment today are under tight government pricing and tax regulation. These regulations do not only make them difficult to purchase but also made it challenging to generate returns. Gold and diamonds are not under local government, and prices work in a similar pattern worldwide. If you decide to buy necklaces online today, you can hold onto them for a long time without having to worry about their value because it fluctuates as government regulations change. You can sell your jewellery anywhere in the world without going through local government rules, policies and fees, unlike with real estate.

Jewellery as an investment poses fewer risks compared to, say, real estate. The prices do not collapse even when the economy does. To help your family secure a good future, consider investing in precious jewellery that increases value over time.  

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