Why Thailand is the Number One Digital Nomad Destination


In 2018, prior to the pandemic, over 30 million tourists visited the Royal Kingdom of Thailand in a single year, making the Land of Smiles a top tourist hotspot, yet there is so much more to this unique land than gorgeous beaches. The digital nomad is a new breed of entrepreneur; empowered by the fact they can live and work anywhere in the world and Thailand is the top destination for the remote business person.

5 Star Internet

There are many places in the world with tropical beaches, yet the digital nomad needs high speed Internet that is reliable and affordable and yes, you’ve guessed right; Thailand boasts Broadband connectivity on your SIM and all for around $30 a month! If you live in a condo, you can take advantage of their Wi-Fi, but honestly, you are better off taking out an unlimited data SIM package and hot-spotting from your mobile device. If you go with AIS or True, you have nationwide coverage and all for less than 1000bt ($35); let me repeat that, 24/7 high-speed Internet connectivity anywhere in Thailand, all for a little more than a good meal in a restaurant.

Low Cost of Living

The digital nomad looks for a place where the cost of living is low and Thailand is almost top of that list too! Enjoy tasty street food for around $3, transport and accommodation are also affordable. Of course, Bangkok and the tourist areas are more expensive, but once you get off the beaten track, prices are insanely low. 

Luxury Accommodation

We’ve had reports of renting fully furnished large detached properties for $250 per month, which is ideal for 3-4 entrepreneurs to share. Live like a millionaire in a gated community with a swimming pool and fitness center. Why is it so cheap? There was a building boom in Thailand a decade ago and now many houses are sitting empty, hence rentals are so low.

Long Stay Visas

Make contact with the top immigration lawyer in Thailand and they can obtain you a long-term visa and if you need a work permit, that can also be arranged. As with most 3rd world countries, if you have the right connections, you can move mountains. If you are convinced already and want to relocate this year, here are a few tips. If you happen to be 50 or over, you can obtain a retirement visa; the immigration lawyer can process this without any hassle.

Setting up a business

If you fancy setting up business in Thailand, there are some attractive incentives for foreign investors (see BOI website). There isn’t much you can’t do in Thailand and if you want to stay for a long time, it does make sense to register your business.

Colorful Culture

The ever-smiling faces of the Thai people makes living a joy and there’s so much to see and experience in this unique nation. Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country never to have been colonized, which is some achievement; the culture has never been diluted by western influence and the north and south are very different in every way.

The list of reasons to relocate to Thailand is far too long to include in this short article, book a short holiday and you, like everyone else, will be smitten by the Land of Smiles.

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