Why You Can’t Afford To Neglect IT Security This Summer


One group of people who will always make the most of a bad situation are criminals. That’s why we have seen a massive rise in cybercrime over the last year as the world locked down and took all of its business and leisure activities online. If you’re wondering whether or not you should invest in IT security this summer, here are three reasons.

Don’t Ignore The Statistics

Over the course of the pandemic, we have seen a whole range of different scams and cons from people trying to separate the average person from their money or their information. As so many more people started working from home, opportunities for cybertheft increased.

According to a study, approximately 330 million people around the world were targets of cybercrime. It’s not limited to online shoppers either. There has also been an alarming rise in attacks on corporations and government infrastructure. 

Learn About How Cybercrime Has Evolved

A lot of us have outdated ideas of cybercrime because we think we can spot a scam email and we have a computer with decent virus protection. However, the threats evolve with each new update which is why it pays to bring a team on board who understand the technology. 

Bringing in professional IT services can help you identify areas of weakness and plan for any incidents to come. Taylored has a wealth of experience in the government sector and can help you stay one step ahead. 

Know Your Specific Security Needs

No two businesses have the same security needs. For example, an online store will need to have security in place to protect payments and customer information, but a legal office has exponentially more to worry about when it comes to protecting the data of their clients. You need to identify where your areas of weakness are and which parts of your network will be most enticing for cybertheft.

Bring Your Team Up To Speed

When so many people are working from home, the opportunities for a cybersecurity lapse are much greater. If you are managing a team then you need to make sure that everyone is operating with the same level of protection and awareness. It is important to make sure that everyone in your office is aware of the dangers and has been briefed on the specific threats that you might be facing. 

Don’t Forget About The Cloud

Many of the tools we use to make our work life easier can leave us more vulnerable to cybercrime. If you have not set up your work cloud up properly, you could be leaving a huge amount of sensitive data open for theft or exposure. A secure cloud solution will make sure that everyone has access to the data they need, even if they are working remotely, without exposing it to unnecessary threats.

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