You’ll Need These 3 Outdoor Appliances to Live in Virginia


Virginia is for lovers – and history buffs, foodies, those who enjoy gorgeous scenery, and folks who love the outdoors.

The state is centrally located on the east coast, the site of booming economies and quality education. It has mountains and beaches, as well as a calendar year that experiences all four seasons.

It’s a great place to settle down if you like to spend quality time outdoors. Not only does this mean there are plenty of parks and recreational spots to enjoy, you can have a relaxing time in your own backyard.

The next time you’re looking at Alexandria houses for sale or Williamsburg condos, consider these outdoor appliances to make living in Virginia a little more fun.


A staple for anyone who loves to entertain, eat, or do a combination of both is an outdoor grill.

For many, grilling outdoors is an event, not just a way to cook food. A whole day can be spent cooking up meats, vegetables, and even pizza in the comfort of the back yard.

When looking for a grill there are many types to consider, and the answer can be determined by looking at several factors. How much space do you have in your yard and for storage? How much time do you want to spend paying attention to the food you’re making? Are you experienced or a newbie?

Gas grills are the most popular type of grill as they’re very convenient, easy to use and clean, allowing for temperature control. They are ideal for people who want to grill often.

Charcoal grills put out higher heat points than a gas grill, impart a char-grilled flavor to the foods made on it, and are the least expensive grill option.


Smokers are a way to cook foods low and slow, and also require the person doing the smoking to pay attention to what’s going on.

With a smoker comes a learning curve, so those who like to experiment in the kitchen will enjoy this all-day affair.

Smokers utilize wood chips for smoking, which can come in a variety of flavors to help impart a different taste to food.

Like grills, there are many types of smokers to choose from. Gas and electric smokers are easy to use and quick to start up.

Charcoal smokers are the standard for those who want a true smoky flavor in their meals. They also come in many shapes and sizes, making it easier to pick one out that suits your lifestyle.

Pizza Oven

Nothing says party like a pizza – especially when you’re making one during a nice summer day in your yard.

Pizza ovens have risen in popularity over the years, and there are now many in the market to choose from.

If you’re short on space, consider a portable wood fired pizza oven. However, if you have the room and the money, think about building a brick wood fired oven on a patio in your yard.

These ovens reach high temperatures, making for a quick cook. They also give a very distinct flavor to the pizza you’re making, no matter the toppings.

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