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10 Tips How to Lose Weight Fast on the Keto Diet


The keto diet is becoming more popular in this day and age because of its success rate and health benefits. This article looks at 10 different tips on how to lose weight fast with this diet.

Over the last century, many people have struggled to diet correctly, however, the keto diet is proving to be a massive success. Your body undergoes a natural metabolic state called ketosis, where it relies on burning fat rather than carbohydrate for energy. It’s no wonder everybody is talking about where you can get the best keto supplements and custom keto meal plans. Take note of our 10 keto tips to lose weight fast.

Avocado diet

1.  Minimize your carbs

If you want to see keto diet weight loss results, you will have to minimize your carbohydrate intake to 20% of your calories. The other 60% should come from fat and 20% from protein. If you eat too many carbohydrates, your body will burn them for energy instead of fat.

2. Healthy oils and fats

As mentioned, 60% of your calories need to come from healthy sources of oil and fat. We would highly recommend getting it from the following food:

  • Avocados
  • Olive oil
  • Fatty fish like tuna
  • Red meat
  • Fatty meat
  • Whipped cream

The key is in the word HEALTHY. Don’t go for hydrogenized fats like in margarine or trans fats. Monounsaturated fats are your best friend here.

Workout exercises

3. Do exercise

Eating the right food is great, but you will lose a lot more weight if you exercise. Exercise is also essential for a healthy body and helps to burn any calories off. Without it, you may be ingesting excess calories. Keto diet and weight training go hand in hand, 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a day will be a perfect supplement.

4. Incorporate fasting

An easy thing you can do on the keto diet to lose weight fast is to incorporate some intermittent fasting. This will allow you to burn excess calories. 

5. Eat the right amount of protein

That 20% number should be adhered to as strictly as possible. Any keto diet menu plan for weight loss should include just the right amount of protein to reach satiety. If you increase your protein intake too much, you can actually offset ketosis.

6. Change the food environment around you

It is quite difficult to succumb to snacks and other unhealthy things around in. Change your food environment and incorporate a healthier lifestyle. Ditch the snacks and engage in exercise classes.

7. Collaborate with others

Dieting alone can be rather difficult. If you collaborate with other people, you can work competitively to lose weight and motivate yourselves as a group. A wonderful way of collaborating is to engage in physical exercises with other people.

8. Prepare for the keto flu

On a diet, your body will need some time to adjust. You may experience keto flu with symptoms such as mild stomach pains in weeks 1 and 2. Fortunately, the majority of the symptoms can be cleared up by consuming nutrient-dense food and drinking a lot of water.

9. Track all of your macros

Currently, research suggests that we underestimate the amount of food we consume. One of the best things to do this track your key to progress using a tracking app and a scale. Don’t guesstimate – track all of these things properly and achieve results.

10. Avoid junk food

When some people go on keto, they think that a high-fat diet means that they can indulge in fatty junk food. You are what you eat, so if you eat junk, then you will suffer the consequences. 

Keto diet conclusion

We hope that you can use these 10 tips to your advantage. If you’re wondering, “how fast do you lose weight on the keto diet?”, every human body is different – the key is to be persistent and stick with it. Do this, and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards.

Have you had any luck dieting? Tell us about your experiences in the comments section below.

Author’s bio: Danny Gonzalez loves to train for triathlons, Iron Man’s, and any sports competition he can get his hands on. He is a self-confessed gym rat, and as a former nutritionist, knows a thing or two about dieting. Danny loves the blog on health and wellbeing.

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