4 Reasons to Re-Examine Your Hiring Practices

4 Reasons to Re-Examine Your Hiring Practices

Times are changing and recruiting practices need to keep up with them. The times when you put out a job advertisement and waiting for the candidates to knock nervously at your door are gone. In a candidate-driven market, employers must change both their recruiting technique and attitude. Here are a few factors to consider to improve your company’s hiring practices. 

Recruitment Automation Tools

The process of hiring a new employee is time-consuming and most of that time is spent looking through applications and resumes. A company that relies on the traditional way of posting a job opening on a job board risks losing very good candidates. The main reason is that most highly skilled candidates already have a job and aren’t even checking job boards.

This is where recruitment software comes in. Using modern recruitment tools allows a company to quickly identify the most suitable candidates and reach out to them. From this moment on, it’s the recruiter’s job to convince a suitable candidate to apply for the job.

Referral Programs

It used to be that once a person had a job with a good company, his or her friends would pester them with pleas to find a place for them in that. That put many people in an awkward position as going to the boss to ask for a job for your best friend was sort of frowned upon.

Not anymore. 

Experts now say employee referral programs are the best way to find new talents to fill a job. In modern times, at least 25-35% of new hires should come through employee referral programs. 

It stands to reason that people who already work in and understand its culture and its needs. Also, a highly skilled employee is bound to know people with similar qualities from their school days or past employment. 

Proof that this strategy works is the fact that 82% of employers declared themselves totally satisfied with the quality of the new employeesrecruited through such programs.

Recruitment via Social Media

This is the new word of mouth, reinvented for the 21st century. Many companies use their social media accounts strictly to promote their products or services. 

However, such tools are extremely valuable for recruiting purposes as well. It stands to reason that if you need to hire people you should look for them where all people are these days – on social media platforms. And it doesn’t even cost anything. One post about a job vacancy will inevitably be shared by interested people and the company has a better chance of attracting suitable candidates than by using traditional job boards.

Online Background Checks

It is customary these days for employers to check the social media profiles of prospective employees and it is a very good way of determining if a person will fit in. When they examine an application, HR people look at qualifications and work experience, but soft skills are equally important and you can often get a good idea about the personality of a candidate by checking out their social media profiles.

However, such an analysis should never replace proper background checks. These refer to screening checks and national police checks because you can never know. 99,9% of the candidates will probably be nice people with a spotless record, but you cannot risk hiring that guy that fits into 0,01% of people with something to hide. Fortunately, these days, doing a background check is extremely easy using online platforms like Australian National Character Check, which is accredited and offers most results within one business day.

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