What is Hackathon? And What the Hackathon indicates

What is Hackathon? And What the Hackathon indicates

Coming to social media channels, numerous technology-centric companies are turning to the hackathon. Some hire at speed whereas others try to enhance their brand value. In a hackathon people emerge from various backgrounds be it, strategists, analysts, coders all come together under a common guideline within an intended time frame. With the world contemplating a move towards digital technology companies are on the verge of exploring new avenues for innovation or recruitment. Because of this reason, they are gaining prominence among startups or it can be universities.

Hackathon and what it tries to accomplish

The prominence of new technology forms like machine learning or artificial intelligence they do not fall under the scope of an educational curriculum. The platform provides scope for people who are interested in this form of technology and demonstrate their skills. Hackathon encourages participation from numerous platforms but they work perfectly for the changing needs of a business. In a way, they provide a great opportunity to build a futuristic brand.

Types of Hackathon

Internal hackathon

The objective of an internal hackathon is to foster teamwork, engagement, and foster a culture of creativity and collaboration. It provides a great opportunity to figure out the internal talent and an organization is able to witness employees in a new way. There is no question of any form of data leakage, as organizations can provide creative freedom to their employees in contributing to innovation.


Their main benefit is to take some of the daily workloads and to get going on the new ideas. When you are conducting an internal hackathon for your employees you are entitled to the following benefits.

A single person performing multiple roles

An obvious fact is employees are stuck in their daily roles. It presents an opportunity for them to be learning something new. Ideathon enables an employee to learn new things and work towards inherent capabilities and then you can put it for the use of your business. It works out to be an ideal situation for all.

You will be surprised about creative ideas that emerge when you provide employees with the time and space to develop something new. In a way, it helps to identify new roles for your existing employees and figure out when the employees might need training.

Future centric needs of the business

Some of the ideas can be immediately implemented whereas in case of others you can store to be invested at a later point of time. An event like this enables an organization to share the future road map with their employees and have an eye on the road map ahead. In a way, it enhances the recurring practice of innovation.

Team building

Hackathons are an ideal platform for developers or coders, at a common platform both engineering teams. By an exchange of perspectives, a team-building perspective is provided.

External Hackathon

It is a great way to take into consideration the outside talent, and open the doors of innovation. To start off the process of media coverage it is an apt opportunity whereby you open a dialogue with tech companies and start off the process of recruitment. This calls for an in-depth degree of planning and goes on to open up avenues of engagement and planning with the outside world. There are various benefits that you can expect from an external hackathon as follows

New people working on newer technologies

The task is really difficult when you go on to change technologies and becomes more difficult for people to adopt. It provides a platform for new people to take a plunge and innovate. The employees of an organization might have their own set ways and when they are using the same technology their might be no harm. With a hackathon, it helps to take note of the same.

In modern times technology in the form of AI or blockchain is being used at each and every step of the digital transformation. A hackathon is in a position to be roping in newer forms of technology and for the people, it might turn out to be a new form of learning.


The main benefit of this type of hackathon is to trim down the process of recruitment from a few months to a few days. In fact, the aim is to get the candidate on board at the shortest time frame possible. It provides a perfect opportunity to assess candidates on technical skills, analytical skills, time management etc.  Even it is going to provide an organization to make vital inroads for innovators or a pipeline into the future.

The questions that are part of a hackathon

The concept of hackathon models itself on problem solving, prototyping and innovation. In fact on the real skills of a candidate, they are put for rigorous testing. With various types of hackathons available in the market, various organizations are using it for their benefit. It provides a great way for a company to be introducing themselves and a viable method to screen and select candidates. For the recruiters and candidates, the process of recruitment becomes interactive.

In the first phase, sourcing seems to be the most important step. This provides an outlay about the type of candidates who are going to join an organization. The need of the hour is a robust strategy so that there is no gap between the quality of candidates selected and the available ones. With numerous tech candidates available in the market to avail quality ones pose to be a major challenge of sorts. It provides a lucrative advantage to source passive candidates. The tech professionals are on the verge of looking out for exciting challenges and this you are able to achieve if you perform in a hackathon properly. Another notable way to observe it is to go on to develop a talent pipeline for the future. In the midst of this, the quality along with the intent of the candidate is top-notch. It works out to be the present and future of recruitment.

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