4 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

4 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

There are plenty of ways that you can easily add value to a house. It doesn’t matter if you’ve just moved into a house, or if you are looking to sell – either way, you can significantly increase the value of the property with a little bit of effort. Here are four of the best ways to add value to your home.

Covert The Loft

One of the easiest ways to add value to your house is by converting the loft space into a useable room. A popular option is to turn the space into an extra bedroom, but that isn’t all; you could also turn the room into an office space, a home cinema, or a nursery. Some studies have found that this will increase the value of your home by up to 15%, which is great news for you if you are considering selling in the future. You will get an extra room to do with what you please now and extra money when you sell the house further on.

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Add An Extension

You can also add value to your property by adding an extension to the bottom floor. This can increase the value of your home by up to 23%, which is very impressive, and there are lots of modern extension options to choose from; you could build an ultra-modern kitchen, or you could build a light-filled conservatory to relax in.

If you do decide to add an extension to your home and you are selling the property, it could be beneficial to consider what buyers would like to see. For instance, if you have a small, dark kitchen, a kitchen extension could be a good option – but if you only have two bedrooms, it could be useful to turn the space into a third bedroom.

Convert The Basement

Do you have a damp basement that you never use? If so, you could consider converting the basement. Basement conversions will add significant value to your property, and they are very versatile; you could use the space as a home gym, an office, a studio, a living room, or a games room.

A Basement conversion will also increase the square footage of your home, which is very useful if you are trying to sell it. Just make sure to deal with any damp and lighting issues straight away, as potential buyers will want a light, bright and dry space!

Fix Up The Garden

Finally, you can add value to your home by fixing up the garden. This is a very cheap way to improve the value of your home; all you need to do is mow the lawn, clean the patios and repaint the fences, and your garden will look totally different. This is especially useful if you want to sell the house, as the garden is normally the first thing potential buyers will see – so if it makes a great first impression, they are more likely to see the whole house in a positive light.

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