5 Affordable Swiss Luxury Watch Brands To Start Your 2021

Best Swiss Luxury Watch Brands To Start Your 2021

Everyone knows why luxury watches are a status symbol. Swiss watches are an automatic world-class quality fact known everywhere in the world. And with great quality comes, great the price.

Have you ever thought of yourself wearing a luxury watch from Rolex, Omega, or Tag Heuer? Though it seems like you have to break every piggy bank you have, this time, you won’t have to.

If you continue to read this article, we will be sharing a list of affordable Swiss Luxury Watch Brands available this 2021. You can go directly to your favorite brand and check out their collection of affordable watches.

  • Tissot

Marked as one of the best Swiss watches in history, Tissot has been known since 1853. Tissot was founded in Le Locle by Charles-Félicien Tissot and his son Charles-Émile Tissot in the Jura mountain of the best watchmakers.

Tissot watches are of elegance but are affordable Swiss watches. The brand offers a wide variety of designs, from simple timepieces with white faces and silver markers to sporty and complex chronograph watches. You won’t have to break the bank with this brand.

The Couturier Black has a typical three sub-dial (hour, min, sec) chronograph, a classic. The subtle tachymeter on the bezel, brushed steel/leather combination, and a chronograph is what you can get from this timepiece. A casual, work, and formal night kind of watch with its all black and steel coloring.

  • TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer watches are one of the more luxurious brands on this list. This brand worn by celebrities like Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey, and more. All the more reason why this brand is worth a gold bar!

TAG Heuer’s way of producing and designing their timepieces is pushing themselves to the limits, involving innovative and radical ideas. They did this then, and they continue to do so today. We may have started the list with the most expensive affordable watch, but this brand is a top-notch luxury watch. So you won’t be spending on anything less but the best quality item. 

The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Stainless Steel is over a thousand dollars. A timepiece that TAG Heuer designed in support of the sport. The black and silver color matching radiates style with large buttons and a brushed steel bracelet band.

  • Hamilton

This brand may not originally be a Swiss watch, but presently, their wristwatches are manufactured in Switzerland. And I think that will earn them to be in or category of affordable Swiss watches. Hamilton has been playing their best tracks like the Jazzmaster and the Khaki Field watch collection. It made them recognizable with both Aviation and famous movie stars for years in the watch industry.

Having Hamilton’s Khaki Field watch is wearing a solidly designed watch made with quality materials. An everyday watch to wear that is reliable, affordable, and can last for several years when properly taken care of.

A Swiss Automatic movement, scratch-resistant sapphire glass, and can dive deep to a 100m water-resistance. The Khaki Field is a show stopper affordable watch. The watch is worn with a comfortable leather band. Hamilton also offers another affordable wristwatch under the name Khaki Field King Auto and one of its counterparts, Timex Expedition. Both are affordable and are top-notch quality.

  • Longines

Under the Swatch group of companies, that has been manufacturing in the Jura region of Switzerland, Longines is all for the luxurious labels. But just like TAG Heuer, you can discover a lot of their timepieces under a thousand, quite affordable for luxury Swiss brands.

The name Longines tails elegance and high quality of engineered design. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have this brand in your collection. Longines offers a lot of watches that are affordable but not cheap in quality and materials.

The Longines Sport Collection Hydroconquest is a diver watch that can go under 300m deep resistance underwater, a rare feature for a wristwatch. The dial is a classic black face with silver and white-colored markers. This Longines watch has an automatic movement with a 38-hour power reserve.

  • Alpina

Just like other Swiss watch Brands, Alpina has been in the watchmakers’ industry from the beginning. They create their timepieces in their workspace, and this is where they filter their innovative designs to present to the world. Alpina is no question the choice for air force pilots, the navy, the military, divers, and mountaineers, travelers, or as what they liked to be called, Alpinists.

The AL-760 Automatic Flyback Chronograph is one affordable watch from Alpina. This watch has all four characteristics of the best sports watch that Alpina stands for. The AL-760 Automatic Flyback Chronograph is water-resistant, antimagnetic, anti-shock, and is made of durable and reliable stainless steel.

Other Affordable Luxury Watch Brands 

Swatch watches are ultra-reliable, durable, and affordable. They only range from 50 to 100 dollars for each timepiece. The Swatch Men’s Quartz in Navy Blue is one of the most popular watches under this brand. It has clear hour markers, bright colors, and a simple day/date window in the 3 o’clock’s position.

Certina focuses more on sports watches that have 200m water resistance. The Certina DS Action Diver Blue Dial is a classic mix of styles for Certina watches. The radiant blue face is stunning and does stand out in crowds.

Torgoen is a new brand for this industry. Based in the US and founded by two aviators that have 20 years of experience in watchmaking. But don’t snob just yet on this brand because it is still considered Swiss made because they use Swiss movements for their timepieces.

Oris is a Swiss watch from the early 1900s. They are known for their originality in coming up with ideas, parts, and inventions. Their Oris Aquis Date is one of their popular timepieces. With a simple yet stunning and elegant dive watch with 300 m of water resistance.

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