Why Omega Watches Are The Best Choice

Why Omega Watches Are The Best Choice

If you are an avid collector of luxury watches, and you love sports, you are probably familiar with Omega watches. Aside from the fact that it is well-known worldwide because Buzz Aldrin was wearing it when he landed the moon, this watch brand is also popular in other fields such as sports and entertainment. Many admire this luxury watch manufacturer because of its highly durable and above-standard collections.

Established at the heart of watchmaking expertise in the world, Louis Brandt found this Swiss-made watch in 1948. He used to assemble key-wound precision pocket watches. In 1984, his two sons opened a watch manufacturing system which created the first batch of watches for what was then called La Generale Watch Co. Omega was launched under this brand. However, with the success of Omega, the owners of the company changed its name to Omega Watch Co. in 1903.

Different watch collections

Omega Men Watches have thrived for more than a century. Because of this, the luxury watch brand has developed 4 popularly known watch collections under their name: Omega Seamaster, Omega Speedmaster, Omega Constellation, and Omega De Ville. Each has unique characteristics that are fit for many occasions and activities. Let’s take a look at each of them.

  • Omega Seamaster

Dubbed as the official timekeeper of America’s Cup, Omega Seamaster is built with features specifically to survive water activities. It’s the type of sports watch that you can use for extreme water exposure. The very first Omega Seamaster was called Seamaster Planet Ocean 600m. It was launched in 2005 with state-of-the-art materials that have set the standards for the Omega Seamaster that we know today.

This collection is made with Super-Luminova where the minute hand and the dots on the bezel glow green in the dark using blue light. This feature makes it easier for divers to check the time even when they are in dark places such as underwater.

  • Omega Speedmaster

Omega Speedmaster is probably one of the most famous collections under the brand’s name. Simply because it was the very first watch that landed on the moon. Known as the Moonwatch, Omega Speedmaster is equipped with a legendary chronograph, which is highly reliable. It has an asymmetrical 42mm case made with stainless steel. There are various models under the Speedmaster collection and all of which are made with groundbreaking technologies.

Among the popular models are the Speedmaster Moonwatch, Heritage Models, Dark Side of the Moon, and Speedmaster 38mm. Built for speed-related outdoor activities, Omega Speedmaster also launched The Speedmaster Racing, which has two counters that are originally designed for the track.

  • Omega Constellation

It was in 1952 when Omega launched their Constellation series. To date, it is still one of the most sought-after watches to pair with an elegant dress for formal occasions. If you are looking for a formal timepiece to wear on your next gala, you can check out the Omega Constellation collection. It is built with distinct features such as ornamental jewelry, a fixed bezel, and a high-end chronometer.

This collection is also well-known in astronomy not only because it was named on the stars that formed in the sky, but also because of its creative execution of beautiful can be seen up there. It has a characteristic detail such as the five-pointed star over the dial 6 o’clock dial.

  • Omega De Ville

Omega De Ville of the fusion of classic watchmaking and modern technology. It has sophisticated slim hands paired with subtle roman numerals on the dial. These watches are perfect as a finishing touch to elevate your casual outfit. It has a collection of models for both and women around the world. Among its popular releases are named Ladymatic, Hour Vision, Tresor, Prestige, and Tourbillon.

Innovative and high-quality watches

With the number of luxury watches around the world, one cannot be popular without standing out among the rest. This is one of the many characteristics of Omega watches. They make sure that they build each watch with optimum quality and innovative designs. 

Many prominent people such as presidents, kings, astronauts, and even movie stars admire the engineering and creativity of Omega watches. They keep their brand’s standards by keeping to their seven defining cornerstones:

  1. True to their namesake, Omega makes sure that they will express the ultimate accomplishment of creating luxury timepieces. 
  2. They always use industrialized mechanical movements to maintain high precision for all their watch collections.
  3. Their manufacturing is based on traditional craftsmanship of watchmaking and should always use premium industry materials such as ceramics, silicon, and new alloys along with precious metals.
  4. The goal is to keep their brand’s timelessness by continuously creating iconic collections under the Omega name.
  5. The brand also values its skilled watchmakers and designers and sees them at the core of their innovation and quality work.
  6. They make sure that every piece of Omega watch is made in Switzerland, as it has always been since 1848.
  7. The brand is proud to have METAS certification for all their watches to make sure that each timepiece will last more than a lifetime.

These, among many others, are the major reason Omega has become one of the most popular, and reliable, luxury watches of all time.

Celebrities and famous people

Omega watches have had sightings in various wrists of popular people, both in the space, sports, and entertainment field. Next to the moon landing, another iconic presence of Omega watches is in the movie of England’s most beloved spy, James Bond. 

Oscar-winning costume designer, Lindy Hemming believes that no other watch is best fit for Commander Bond who is a naval man and a diver than a Seamaster with the blue dial. Because of this, Omega launched a series of James Bond collections that are still going well in the market up to today.

More sightings are in the movie Starmen with George Clooney, international golf tournaments, sailing cups, athletic competitions, and swimming events.

Where to buy Omega watches?

Impressed with how this brand has changed many lives around the world? Get yourself an Omega watch today. has an array of Omega watches that will suit your preference. Visit their website today.

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