5 Business Sectors That Rely on White Glove Logistics


White glove, or technical logistics, is one of the fastest growing sectors in 2021, as more and more businesses adopt hi-tech equipment to replace ageing machinery and as we move into a new dimension of digital tech, this demand is set to rise exponentially. Next time you are in town, take note of the new equipment you see as you go about your business; most of it would be under the care of technical logistics.

Here are just some of the business sectors that couldn’t operate without technical logistics.

  1. Banking, finance and digital commerce – All ATMs are installed and maintained by leading technical logistics companies, as are note-counting machines and counterfeit detection equipment. Online trading platforms demand secure networks, which are set up and managed by white glove teams who ensure total cyber-security. One such company is TecDis Network, who are a leading UK provider of technical logistics to a range of industries, with data centre relocation another service offered. Every business must store their data, which grows over time
  2. Healthcare – Much of the medical equipment found in hospitals is installed and maintained by technical logistics teams; MRI and CT scanners, X-Ray machines and other diagnostic equipment, which demands specialist handling. Complex dental equipment is included in the list of items covered by this sector, along with X-Ray & imaging. The pandemic has really put pressure on UK hospitals and the support of the technical logistics providers has helped tremendously, ensuring that all essential equipment is ready to use. Healthcare has benefited greatly from emerging technology and without white glove logistics, none of this would be possible.
  3. Food & Beverage – F&B uses technical logistics to install and maintain a wide range of equipment, with touch screen menus and automated service, along with online reservation systems for restaurants. The commercial kitchen is typically maintained by skilled technicians who work unsocial hours to ensure the workspace is ready for action. New commercial kitchen equipment requires professional installation and calibration, which would be provided by a technical logistics team.
  4. Retail – Touch-screen menus and digital signage are just a couple of the ways that technical logistics assists the retail sector; this equipment must be carefully packed and transported to the site, where it is installed by certified technicians who also repair and maintain the equipment. Many retail stores use state of the art inventory systems that use barcodes and the white glove team are experts at setting up such systems. Digital signage offers 4k video and many shop owners are taking advantage of this and attracting new customers with rich content. Here is an informative article on the use of dynamic content with digital signage.
  5. Automated Manufacturing – Robotics is taking over with manufacturing and this state-of-the-art equipment needs specialist handling, as well as constant management. Emergency repairs have to be carried out to minimise downtime, which is why the provider is available 24/7. When a new factory is built, the automation would be designed for optimum production and system management is obviously critical. Take a look at the Logistics UK policies and certificates that regulate the industry.

The world of technical logistics is very challenging, handling bulky and delicate equipment and getting it to the final destination undamaged is always the goal. As innovative solutions are born, the technical logistics sector ensures smooth delivery and installation, while they also maintain the equipment. If you are ever in need of technical logistics, Google will help you to locate a white glove provider who would have all the solutions.

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