Your All-Important Guide to Hoarding – and Why It’s Always Best to Clean Up the Junk and Clutter


The issue of hoarding has been around for a while. Unfortunately, many individuals who have a hoarding condition tend to suffer in silence, shunned by friends, families, neighbors, and even the entire community in some cases. But it’s a psychological problem resulting from an even deeper issue, and it’s a pattern in behavior that may often need therapy and counseling. But the first step to dealing with the problem is to have the hoarder acknowledge that they need help – and this entails going through their things and making the conscious decision to let go of what they should let go of. But what else do you need to know about hoarding if someone you love has the condition? Here’s your all-important guide to hoarding – and why it’s always best to clean up the junk and clutter.

What is it? 

Hoarding is a big problem for many individuals, and it can range from mild to severe. As mentioned, it’s a behavioral issue, and it occurs when someone collects vast amounts of items, from valuable items to trash, and stores these items in their dwelling. The issue can result in a lot of stress – not just for those who hoard but also those who live with or are connected to them. 

The problem of hoarding is associated with economic difficulties, isolation from society, and health difficulties. Once the hoarding issue is out of control, it can mar the person’s functioning in their daily lives. Even the simplest activities, like cleaning, cooking, sleeping, and bathing, can be affected. It can also be risky because of water and moisture retention (which can lead to mold), the danger of fire, and other issues regarding sanitation. 

What you should know about hoarding

Not many of us may know it, but hoarding can come in different forms, although at its core, it’s the act of collecting various things, as confirmed by hoarding cleanup experts. An item with sentimental value, for example, may mean as much as a piece of junk or garbage to a hoarder. When hoarders collect things, it’s a form of control – by keeping these items, they can seemingly have a semblance of control over their lives, but in reality, it’s the opposite. 

Another kind of hoarding is animal or pet hoarding, where someone is too attached to animals. It can be a huge issue for health reasons, as individuals who hoard animals can accumulate a lot of them, impacting their health and sanitation.

The reasons for a cleanup

You may already know and understand the importance of cleanup if you know someone who hoards, but you need their consent first. It pays to have a heart-to-heart talk and let them see the gravity of the situation. Hoarding situations can lead to rodent infestation, for one, and it’s a fire risk as well. It can also lead to mold buildup, and it can spread to the home’s flooring and walls – and once a house has black mold, this can be downright impossible to fix. It is also crucial to have a cleanup because of the risk of damage to the structure because once the mold and bacteria grow into the woodwork and walls, it can weaken the home’s structure.

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