5 Crypto Apps That All Crypto Newbies Should Get


There are many apps in the crypto universe but you may not necessarily know the best ones out there today. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or have been in the BTC for some time, these five apps are must-haves. They’ll help you track cryptomarkets and earn yield on your holdings. We cover these five apps in depth. 

What’s great about all of the apps listed here is that they won’t cost you any money. They’re completely free and many don’t even have any login requirements or KYC, making them easy to start using right away. 


BlockFi is a staking platform. You can store crypto-assets such as bitcoin, ethereum, and many other alt coins on your phone. You can use the app to earn safe returns, usually about 4-10% on them. 

The app also allows users to purchase tokens directly but that’s not the main point. BlockFi lets you earn more by holding onto your coins and not selling them, helping you to obtain a steady return. Similar to other apps such as Celsius, you may want to compare the two before making a decision on your preferred staking platform. Celsius’s mobile app is probably better but BlockFi is much better for users who want to use their computer. 


Voyager functions as a broker. Voyager connects users with more than dozen cryptocurrency exchanges to trade more than 50 currencies. This allows you to build a portfolio of assets without having to use multiple exchanges or manage multiple accounts. When you purchase or make a trade, you select the currency that you want to buy or sell but don’t choose the exchange where it originates. 

This mobile app is easy to use and has a moderately low fee. However, it lacks a desktop app which some users may prefer. 

Most of the apps listed here don’t have a sign-up bonus but Voyager pretty much always does. If you want to take advantage of this bonus, make sure to search online or ask a friend if they have a voyager promo code. Do this before you sign up as once you create an account, you won’t be able to take advantage of this perk.


This is a wallet app which allows users to store a small amount of cryptocurrency away from exchanges and lending platforms. It’s one that most users will want to know. 

Exodus is a great app since it doesn’t charge much in the way of fees. You can also use it comfortably on iOS or Android to store your cryptocurrency. While it’s certainly not as safe as using a paper wallet or a hardware wallet, it’s a good app to consider when you decide to keep smaller amounts of crypto on your phone. 


Lolli is an app that lets users earn bitcoin when they shop at online stores making purchases. The stores that you can use include Amazon, Nike, Walmart as well as thousands of other retailers. 

While there are many cash-back apps out there today, Lolli is one of our favorites. Unlike other cash-back apps where the amount that you earn will never grow over time, your cash-back with Lolli is in the form of satoshis or baby bitcoins. This means that if the Bitcoin goes up, your cash-back will as well. 


This is a great user friendly app which lets users allow their cryptocurrency in real time. While there are many competitors to Coinstats on the market today, they were recently acquired by a larger company and have changed their model over time. This app is one of the most trusted ones in the crypto community. It also has the benefit of not selling out like many of the cryptocurrency portfolio trackers used today. 


In conclusion, we hope that you find that these apps as helpful as some of our users. Make sure to reach out to us if you have any other apps that you think would be helpful to add to the list. We update this and other topics. If you enjoyed this article and found it to be useful, share with your friends. The crypto market is always changing but its helpful to know which apps are going to help benefit you as you start to purchase and trade.

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