It makes sense to switch to solar because of the growing concern about the effects of fossil fuels on the environment and the rising cost of traditional energy generation. More homes in the UK are installing solar panels to reduce their carbon footprint and save on electricity bills. 

Looking at solar panels, people generally label them as efficient. But efficiency is relative, and several factors can reduce their effectiveness. Consumers need to consider these factors. Also, you must have a reputable installer who can give you advice on the best solar installation for your residence.  

What is solar panel efficiency?

Solar efficiency rating means measuring how effective the system is at sunlight-into-electricity conversion. For most residential installations, the effective rating is about 15 to 20 per cent. 

A 4kW solar panel system can generate enough power for your home. The panels’ kW rating represents the system’s power output, which is the amount of electricity your solar installation can produce. 

Conditions that affect solar efficiency

If you are planning to switch to solar power, you need to look into some of the physical conditions of your home and immediate surroundings to ensure that it will significantly benefit from a solar panel installation.

  1. Shade

For the solar panels to work correctly, they should be fully exposed to the sun. A small amount of shade over a panel can reduce its efficiency drastically. A reputable solar panel installer should conduct a shading analysis to determine if chimneys and nearby trees cast shade on the area where the panels will be installed at any time of the day. 

  1. Placement of the panels

Solar installers in the UK recommend installing solar panels on roofs facing south to achieve maximum efficiency. Of course, many homes have roofs that face the east and west, and while it is possible to install the panels there, you can expect lower output levels.  

  1. Roof angle

The roof angle or pitch determines the amount of time the solar panels receive sunlight each day. The installer will consider this. When installing domestic solar panels in Manchester, remember that about 30-45 degrees is the best roof angle.  

  1. Maintenance

You should also consider the maintenance issues. Regular rainfall can clean the panels, but they may also require a more thorough cleaning to remove dirt and bird droppings that can reduce efficiency. However, it is better to hire a professional to do this for you since they have the equipment and experience to safely clean the panels. 

  1. Temperature

Solar panels collect the sun’s energy to work. But did you know that when the panels become too hot, their efficiency is reduced? While the UK does not regularly see high temperatures, the condition can happen. 

These are some of the top issues that can affect the efficiency of solar arrays. Solar energy reduces your energy bills. Having your solar panel system will give you free electricity from a renewable energy source each day of the year, while reducing your carbon footprint.  

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