One of the main premises that underpin the thesis of the majority of the analysts of the crypto market, who expect an increase in the price of Bitcoin. Is that the demand of the criptomoneda will continue to increase at the same pace as until now, or to a higher one. Which, together with the decrease in the offer after the Halving, it will lead to an increase in price. And just this is what seems to confirm Scott Melker in the Tweet of the day, when he says that the market for Bitcoin continues to receive fresh money.

Fresh money in the market

The third Halving of Bitcoin, is considered among the crypto community as a decisive moment for the future of the criptomoneda. And is that, for the majority of the crypto influencers of the world, including Changpeng Zhao, Anthony Pompliano and the twitterer known as PlanB.

The inevitable result of the clipping of the rewards perceived by the miners of the chain, will be an increase in the price of BTC.

However, in the last few weeks has started to shuffled a distinct possibility that everyone is waiting for. Well, What would happen if the market of Bitcoin never takes off? That is to say, if your state of current stagnation, around $ 10,000, is maintained indefinitely in time.

Market of Bitcoin continues to receive fresh money in the middle of the lateralization. Sources: CoinDesk

This is a possibility that have been considered important figures in the crypto world as Vitalik Buterin. But that has been constantly refuted by analysts of the crypto world.

Those who claim that there are enough signs that the market for Bitcoin will take off sooner or later. As is the case of Scott Melker, one of the most important crypto influencers. Who commented via his Twitter account:

Grayscale is buying more Bitcoin than those who are chipping away at, but people are still saying that there is no new money in the market“.

With this message, Melker refers to the purchases of the investment fund of Grayscale. Which serves as an intermediary between institutional investors and the crypto market. Acquiring in the last few weeks the equivalent to 150% of the daily emission of BTC. Driving demand and keeping the hopes for an increase in the price of Bitcoin.

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