5 Reasons to use Solar Power in your construction projects

5 Reasons to use Solar Power in your construction projects

For the last 10 years or so, residential and commercial buildings are starting to add rooftop solar panels. Solar panels have gone from something of a curiosity and out of reach to now becoming accessible for anyone with space and desire to produce and utilize green energy. This challenge of encouraging if not promoting solar panel use in both the residential and commercial market has not been an easy one. It requires showing the benefits both financially and both financially and environmentally, to raise awareness as well as sway people towards this type of energy.

Are you still indecisive about whether or not solar power is the way to go for your next build?

Consider these five reasons the next time you or your client are looking at other power alternatives.

  1.     Good for the environment

We are living in a time where there is a focus on our actions – from water consumption to pollution and harnessing renewable energy sources. Solar power is a great energy alternative solution that reduces one’s carbon footprint. It is one of the few energy resources that does not emit any greenhouse gasses. Not only does installing solar panels prove to be good for the environment, but it is also one that provides great returns. The chances of solar power hurting the environment or creating issues are slim to none. For contractors and builders, harnessing the sun and its power can allow for creativity and ingenuity, while still being environmentally friendly.

  1.     Less Electricity Loss

To move electricity it requires the use of power plants, which can require some large power plants. This can be very dangerous and require a lot of effort. With solar panels, the energy comes from the sun which is harnessed through the panels which are designed with a battery like cells. The use and installation of rooftop solar power mean that you are reducing the dependence on traditional electric power sources. Forget about electrical shortages or dependence on city electrical grids – solar panels mean that you and your building can have a continuous electrical supply, provided sufficient solar energy has been harnessed.

  1.     Solar Power is non-invasive

Whether you are installing solar panels rooftop or on the land beside your build, whatever your plans, solar panels can be either invasive or not. Unlike traditional electrical power plants that can be an unpleasant sight to a beautifully new constructed building, solar panels can be very discreet and subtle.

If you are fortunate enough to have space, you can create solar farms – which harvest solar energy by the masses.

  1.     Diverse Applications

Some believe that the power that comes from solar panels is limited; however, the energy that is produced is produced are plentiful and be used for an array of functions. Solar power is great for those who enjoy living off the grid but also it is great for those who are looking to reduce their electricity bills. In construction, there are many factors where the use of solar panels can be helpful. From heating to another form of having energy pass through the build – solar panels, the way of the future and the way for new construction projects. Ensure that the solar panel is accessible with an attic access door, either located nearby the solar panels or even at the side of the building, the side of a building, there are many ways to install, use, and benefit solar power. 

  1.     Low Maintenance Costs

What once was considered out of this world and untouchable, solar power is now accessible for and by anyone. Many reliable solar panel manufacturers offer between 20-25-year warranty. The most important thing in ensuring your panels continue to operate without issues is to have regular maintenance and keeping them clean. If the panels are dirty or obstructed by dirt, it makes it difficult to take in solar power.

Though the initial install of solar panels can be costly to get off the ground, once installed and operating, consumers will realize that the start-up costs were worth the savings in the end.

The sun is a powerful energy source, which is why making the shift towards solar power is highly recommended, especially in an industry that has the power to make the change. To learn more or see how you can incorporate solar panels to your rooftop access panel, visit us at for more! 

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