5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Marble Fireplace

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Marble Fireplace

Are you considering having a new fireplace installed? Fireplaces add personality and warmth to any room. Having decided on getting a new fireplace, your next decision will be on the choice of material to go with. Each type of material has its own advantages; the most common options are stone, cast iron, slate, and marble. In this article, we will take a look at five features of a marble fireplace, and why it is a good option to pick.

1. History

Marble has always had connotations of luxury. It was first used in the Ancient Greco-Roman era to create everything from small hand-held statues to huge pillars; and it has been used over the centuries to decorate temples, palaces, and create beautiful sculptures. In modern settings, it is more affordable and can be found on kitchen surfaces, fireplaces, and as floor tiles. 

2. Easy to clean/maintain

A commonly overlooked factor when choosing a fireplace is how easy it will be to keep clean; if you have got a busy routine, then you’ve probably not got much time to dedicate to regular, thorough cleaning. Thankfully, a marble fireplace is an exceptionally easy material to clean, with a quick wipe down with a duster and you’re good to go, just remember to give it a proper clean once in a while so it doesn’t lose its shine.

3. Multiple Design options

Marble is a beautiful material to work with and design; sculptors across the centuries have been able to carve the most stunning pieces from marble. A fantastic example is Giovanni Strazza’s Veiled Virgin from the 1850s; the veil is so finely crafted; it almost looks translucent despite being made from marble. If you have a marble mantle, then you can have it designed in a way that suits your style.

Not only is marble generally very elegant and easy to clean, but it also comes in a nice variety of colors which can be manipulated to suit the design peculiarities of your home. Marble is most commonly white, beige, or gray with flecks of color, depending on the type of marble that it is. To find the best options, shop at a reputable fireplace seller like

4. Fire Resistant

When choosing material for a fireplace, safety ought to be an important consideration. Marble, thanks to its hard, compact quality, is one of the more heat-proof materials around, which makes it perfect for decorating a fireplace, which can get quite hot, depending on how often it is used.

5. Durability

Marble is a tough and durable stone that will last a long time. Being heat resistant, and waterproof, it is harder to damage and succumb to general wear and tear. You can be sure that your beautiful marble fireplace will last for decades to come.

There you have it, five reasons why marble is the best option for your fireplace mantle, so what are you waiting for? Start planning your new décor today.

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