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Types of Student Accommodations Available Near RMIT University

Types of Student Accommodations Available Near RMIT University

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, famously called RMIT, is acclaimed as a premium technical university in Melbourne, Australia. As one of the top technical colleges globally, it attracts several aspiring engineers in various domains from every part of the globe. Melbourne promises a great lifestyle for the students, but the RMIT’s very own hostel facilities are almost always full. 

This is why it is essential to look for alternate accommodation facilities around the campus as soon as possible. Thankfully, there are quite a few different categories of student housing around RMIT. Providers like Iglu student accommodation bring you some of the best.

Affordable Accommodation

Most students are on a budget, and these accommodations are perfect for them. Two or three students can share the rooms at a time. All the rooms have beds, wardrobes, and other basic pieces of furniture. The premises are safe, and students do not have to worry about utility services. 

The premises are within a reasonable distance of the university and take only around ten minutes of a leisurely walk. Most of these places are found around Central Park, Chatswood, and Redfern. All of these are key locations in the city, but thanks to many professional student accommodations, you can still find several great living spaces at affordable rates.

Premium Accommodations

There are premium accommodations in the vicinity of RMIT as well. These accommodations fuse the best of hostel-style living with high-end amenities, catering to students who want to enjoy the best of both worlds. 

The premises are designed by experts, with contemporary and stylish interiors and plush décor. Yet, spaces are designed to enhance community living with open lounges and cafes inside the premises. The premises have 24*7 onsite staff. 

There are study areas and courtyards with BBQs. There are facilities for bike storage and laundry, and one can even enjoy table tennis as well. Moreover, providers like Iglu student accommodation still ensure the best value for money, and the students will have nothing wanting.

Private Apartments for Rent

There are several private apartments for rent around RMIT. Many homeowners rent out their property to students, and some of them are indeed affordable and comfortable. 

However, while renting apartments, you should conduct thorough research about the premises. If someone is subletting the apartment to you, make sure that the landlord approves of it. Some simply sublet the apartment to make some extra money, often hiding the fact from the landlord. 

Hence, if the landlord evicts you, you could find yourself without a home. Opt for premises that will keep you free from such worries.

As Melbourne is a cosmopolitan city, you will love your life here. The accommodation you choose will be a critical factor in how you experience your student life at RMIT. Choosing the right accommodation is crucial because it will be your home away from home. So put considerable thought into it, and start looking early to find the best nest for yourself.

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