5 Small Business Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

5 Small Business Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

Algorithms will not harm your business.

What can be difficult to publish your business posts on Facebook? It is believed that any student will cope with this task. But it’s one thing when you post on your personal page, and another on the corporate one.

Unfortunately, many Facebook users make a lot of mistakes when posting content on their public pages, sometimes without even realizing it. It seems to them that such “trifles” as an extra link or phrase will not make changes. They do!

In this article, we will look at 5 common mistakes that can ruin even the most wonderful Facebook posts.

Mistake # 1: Too much text

Don’t forget that Facebook is a social network, not a blog. This means that your posts should be extremely concise. Their goal is to encourage readers to do one of the following: like, share, comment or follow the link. If your subscribers see a huge sheet of text in front of them, most likely they will simply scroll it down without even looking.

By following this rule, you will learn to express your ideas clearly and concisely and make them more accessible to your

subscribers. As you may have noticed, the author of the post is trying to fit a bunch of information into one post.

Mistake # 2: Several links in one post

Each Facebook post must contain only one call to action followed by a link. If there are several, readers will be confused and will not be able to absorb important information. This, in turn, will reduce the number of clicks on your links.

Consider every Facebook post as online advertising. It should briefly report on one valuable offer, whether it be a photo, video, e-book or product information, and encourage readers to take a specific action.

Mistake # 3: Explicit advertising of products and services in a post. 

This mistake is usually made by businessmen who have registered their companies on Facebook recently. They consider this social network as a traditional marketing tool, like flyers and print ads, and then they are still surprised why they do not get any results.

In fact, there is nothing wrong with advertising your products and services using Facebook posts. However, you must be a little creative. Your posts should not only praise your company, but also provide value to readers in the form of a bonus or useful information.

Mistake # 4: Ignoring negative comments

When using Facebook and other social networks, you should always remember one important thing: your work is not limited to posting only. You need to constantly monitor them in order to find out how popular they are, to respond to readers’ comments and optimize their subsequent marketing activities.

You must respond to all comments of your subscribers that contain any question, suggestion or negative feedback (comments such as “Cool post!” Or “I completely agree!” Do not require an answer). If you leave these comments unattended, your subscribers will think that you do not care about their opinions. Negative comments must be processed first so as not to annoy the commentator and other users who notice them. You should always present your arguments immediately below the comment. You should not wait until an angry client publishes an article in a local newspaper that ravages your company to the nines.

When processing negative comments, it is important to remember the following points:

  1. Do not argue with the client. So apologize and try to help him. It is advisable to provide him with a discount or other bonus to compensate for moral or material damage.
  2.  Keep an informal tone of communication. If your response to a negative review is written in the style of a corporate statement or a press release, then customers will think that you are simply trying to get rid of them. So avoid overly formal and dry phrases.
  3. Do not delete negative comments. Of course, you want your company to have an impeccable reputation, but getting rid of negative reviews is not the best solution. This will cause even greater dissatisfaction of your customers, and they can stop using your services.
  4.  Negative comments are not so bad.

Mistake # 5: Asking for likes and sharing

You should not be intrusive, asking your subscribers of your company likes and sharing. You will look like a beggar and thereby ruin your reputation. If you still want to increase the number of likes and sharing your posts, offer any bonus so that they have an incentive to respond to your request. So, we examined the main mistakes that can spoil the attractiveness of your posts on Facebook. Be attentive to every detail of your publications, no matter how insignificant they may seem…

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