5 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website


Let’s face it, the entire world is now online and every single business is striving to create a strong online presence and it’s all about driving web traffic to your platform. Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing sectors, as the very high demand for SEO services from SMEs in every sector and if you are far from happy with the level of site traffic that you are receiving, here are a few great ways that you can attract online consumers to your website.

  1. SEO – Search engine optimisation is a rather complex business, as Google (and other search engines) are quite secretive about the algorithms they use, yet a good SEO technician knows enough to boost the client’s website right up to page 1. Google trawls the web every week and changes show up after their bots have gathered all the data, which means the SEO technician cannot affect too many changes at one time.  There’s no better way to generate organic traffic than to have your site on the first page of Google’s search results and with ongoing SEO work, you can retain that high ranking. Talk to the best digital marketing company in Bangkok for the best SEO results, as they have a great reputation for delivering top results.
  2. Social Media – There are two ways that social media can send traffic to your company website, firstly, you can generate a large social media following and secondly, you can place ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The best way to generate a large following is to post engaging and informative content on a regular basis and with a team of social media marketers handling all your social media pages, you can expect to see a spike in site traffic, which comes from your social media followers.
  3. Link-Building – As you would expect, Google recognises quality links and with outreach blogging, you can place many inbound links on popular blogging platforms, driving users to your landing page. It is worth noting that invalid or broken links can result in a penalisation from Google, so you should always check that your links are good. You can swap links with other businesses that are on your list of associations and a blogging campaign with carefully placed links can really pay big dividends, driving many online users to your site. Of course, there are more traditional ways to get your message out, such as handing out flyers, which is still an effective way to reach people.
  4. Google Ads – Perhaps the best way to generate quality traffic is to run a Google Ads campaign; your ad can be placed close to the first search results and by joining forces with a leading digital marketing agency, you can place rich content in all the right places. There are other forms of pay per click advertising, but Google Ads is reported to produce the best results.
  5. Online Business Directories – Many consumers turn to the online business directory and if you are listed with all the major online business directories, you should receive regular enquiries. Make sure your listing looks professional and include your logo, which helps with branding.

All of the above are effective strategies that you can implement and that should see a lot more traffic visiting your website. More and more people are turning to online shopping, which offers many benefits and when you order products online, you have the same consumer protection as when shopping in a regular store. As e-commerce increases, it is important to join forces with a leading digital marketing agency, in order to get your share of the global market.

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