What Services Can You Expect from a Corporate Law Firm?


The recent TV shows have taken its viewers into the world of lawyers, which has lately been creating an exciting environment. The high-flying lawyers winning the court cases are exhilarating. However, real-world lawyers do not face such dramatic situations on a day to day basis. But they do have a vital part to play.

This article takes you through the services that you can expect from a corporate law firm.

Corporate law includes a vast specialisation area with many fields coming under its ambit. Here is what corporate law involves.

Restructuring of a Company

Corporate restructuring is how a firm’s composition and one or more business portfolios are changed to make it profitable to the organisation. 

The corporate lawyer comes into the picture, ensuring that the restructuring is done in compliance with all the government rules. They check that the directors are following the laws and regulations to offer a sound financial decision. There are several ways a company should restructure its business, and the corporate lawyer plays a vital role in each stage.

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Bankruptcy and insolvency include critical decision-making for the entity. The attorney advises the entity on the bankruptcy process and whether it is a viable decision to proceed further with it. 

The solicitor will let the entity get a close look at their assets and debts and the company’s financial condition. The lawyer conducts evaluation and analysis of the financial documents to assist the entity with filing bankruptcy.


Corporate lawyers also help with refinancing. This makes the entity approach the bank with confidence. It also lets them negotiate on favourable terms as the lawyer assists in easing out the situation and restructuring an agreeable agreement.

Corporate Litigation

There is a lot that goes into corporate litigation than just suing a business. It includes several steps to avoid litigation. It may then include the litigation process and ways to manage the business disputes. A corporate lawyer has a major role to function here to work out several clauses involved in the company’s running. 

Capital Markets

Corporate lawyers also play a vital role in the international capital markets. They work with the banks, underwriters, venture capitalists, and asset management companies advising clients on total public offerings, private placement, and other investments of high value.

Real Estate

Corporate lawyers are found in the real estate market as well. They play a role in advising the large real estate-focused funds on joint ventures and investments. The lawyers have to be well equipped with the real estate business structure and should have enough experience to deal with complex issues.

Hiring a Corporate Lawyer for Your Business Is a Smart Decision

The above listed are some of the key services that a corporate law firm can provide to you. Hiring a firm you can trust can help build a strong relationship with your lawyer, who can give you the proper legal advice. Corporate law is a complex business, and thus it is essential to have knowledge and experience by your side.

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