5 Ways to Increase Sales With Instagram

5 Ways to Increase Sales With Instagram

There is no doubt in the fact that Instagram is the most used social media platform with billions of monthly active users and daily active user count goes up to 500 million, yes this the number of people who use Instagram daily. This signifies that there is a lot of potential for sales for the businesses if they want to increase their sales funnel. So, if you are a business hoping to make an Instagram presence while ensuring that the results re practical and worth the efforts, take some help from us, so, let’s see how we are going to help you out!

Make A Storefront

Obviously, Instagram isn’t a physical location, and instead, it’s a social media platform on the internet. Then, you must be thinking that how can one create a storefront on Instagram so, let us help you with it. In the physical locations, you make the exterior of the store catchy and attention-grabbing. So, the same goes for Instagram as you need to create a captivating profile that catches the attention of your target audience.

When writing the bio, make sure it gives welcoming feels to the audience and also add a call-to-action statement to make sure they are bound to scroll through your profile. If you are a business, try adding the accurate contact details along with your official website. Plus, Buy Instagram followers with PayPal, if you are a very robust Instagram user and use the stories too much, you can create the highlights and save the stories into them to make sure your users can watch the stories as many times as they want without any time limitation. Plus, while deciding the cover for the highlights, make sure it grabs the eyes!

Create A Brand & Posts

There is massive competition on Instagram, given the significant number of businesses who are trying to up their business and growth rate. This means that you will need to stand out from the crowd and to do that, you will need a brand message which will make your business recognizable. This is important as your target audience will start identifying from your online recognition. We have added some tips for the brand recognition for you!

  • Signature – If you want to make sure that people remember you, make sure that you choose one signature style or theme for your photos. This will make sure that whenever they see your photo, they will be able to locate your business from it and it will eventually become your signature and an identity
  • Colors – Either go bright or dull; it’s completely your choice but when you make a choice, stick to it. This will help you create a visual style for your business. However, while choosing the colors, make sure they are the standout ones. If you have a business logo, take inspiration from them and use them
  • Business Elements – Whenever you create the content for your Instagram, you need to make sure that it is in-line with your business idea and intention. Moreover, never forget to add the tidbits of your business into the content to make it more personalized
  • Hashtags – Do a little research and find the top hashtags from your field and add it after the caption. This will make sure that your audience is able to recognize whenever they see a relevant hashtag

Personable Instagram Content

When you are on Instagram and start being too sales’y, people start thinking that maybe there is some robot operating the page or the business which lowers the trust level. So, whenever you are designing the content, try to make it more personable, which makes sure that your audience can relate to the content? If you want to make the sales, retain the present customers, and attract new customers, design the personable content!

Managed Shopping Experience

If you want to maintain the shopping experience on Instagram, make sure that you tag the products and good in the picture and allow the tagging into the post. One thing is that you may need to close the sales. There is no doubt that deals and discount attract the audience, but if you are selling some hot-pick, people will buy even if there is no sale, so why not make some extra bucks?

Paid Ads

This is the last forte to opt for if nothing seems to work. You can go for the paid ads and focus the target audience and ensure the optimal settings. The paid ads will convey your message to your target audience who aren’t yet following you.

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