How to Retarget Ads to Engage Instagram and Facebook Fans

How to Retarget Ads to Engage Instagram and Facebook Fans

More engagement on Social media platforms gives hype to the businesses that’s why marketers carefully choose the content or stuff that can grab the attention of viewers. This is an understandable and common thing but what to do to increase sales, have you thought about retargeting those who already have engagement with your posts? 

Go through this article, you will understand how you can create campaigns on Instagram and Facebook to attract and target already engaged viewers with your content. 

Create Custom Audiences:

It should be your first step before starting a retargeting campaign to create custom audiences. You can create Custom Audiences from the ad manager. You will get many options when you are creating your custom audiences. Choose the option i-e target people who are already engaged with the content on Instagram or Facebook. 

You will get options like 

  • All people who are engaged with the page 
  • People who are engaged with ad or post 
  • People who only visit the page 
  • Few people who pressed Button i-e Call to Action 
  • People who only sent messages to the page 
  • People who take a screenshot or saved the post or page

You need to select the option i-e people who are engaged with ads or posts. After the selection of this option, you will get that audience who is already engaged with your Instagram or Facebook ads

You can create different audiences which will give you an identification of the most effective one. 

Create a Retargeting Campaign: 

After creating custom audiences, now you should move towards creating your retargeting campaign. The campaign must have a clear objective. SMM Panels cheapest smm panel with an already engaged audience your objective should highly be based on increased conversions. For smaller audiences, you can set traffic objective and then move to more conversions. 

Work on Ad Set:

When you have created your objective, move towards the ad set of the campaign. Go for conversion event while working in an Ad set. You have the option to choose an event which has a lower position in marketing funnel but it depends on the type of business that what you choose 

Design An Ad For Service Offer Or Product:

The Retargeting Ad campaigns end with the designing and creation of ads. In the Ad Manager, you can move to the ad level, use an ad link to create an ad. 

  • At an Ad level, you will get sections like create an ad, tracking, languages and identify. 
  • In the identity part, you can choose an Instagram profile or Facebook page. 
  • In the Ad creation part, you can work on creating ads. You can use any format, there is no restriction on using any specified format to create an ad. You just need to focus on what your ad is delivering to the audiences. 

Keep in mind that you are creating an ad to target those audiences who are already engaged with existing Facebook page or Instagram stuff. They know what you are selling in the market. So, carefully position your service offer or product in the ad. 

When you create an ad then go for publishing the campaign. 

Go for Creating a New Ad Set for a Larger Audience:

This option is also very appealing when you change the ad set to target larger audiences instead of custom audiences. You can do this by duplicating the ad set. As a result, an identical or indistinguishable ad set is created. You can edit the ad set, select a larger engagement audience option. 


Marketing service offers and products on social media platforms is not a difficult task. It just requires your creativity and proactivity. Being proactive, and aware of social media trends you can boost the sales of your product. 

Once you have established the company’s position in the customer’s mind, they will always try to connect with your updates and expect to be your loyal customers. If you have a strong positioning in the customer’s mind then retargeting to already engage customers is not a big deal. 

Creatively design ads with the strategic implementation you can power to the sales of your company’s products. Traffic will increase and you will get more conversions. 

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