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6 Tips to Save Money From Your Regular Expenditure


The average US household spends approximately $22,666 annually on bill payments. However, the amount can significantly vary depending on the state you reside in. For example, Hawaiians spend 44.6% more on household expenses than the national average. 

You cannot skip out on regular expenditures, so how do you go about saving money on them? You could start by searching where to get cheap haircuts, limiting the number of times you eat out, or making the most of sale days. Here are six tips to help you save money from your regular expenditures.            

Prepare Your Meals at Home

Even if you opt for affordable meals outside, these are expenses that can add up over time. Also, these meals are not always the healthiest options available out there.

Weekly meal planning can help you cut down on regular expenses. Look up beginner and budget-friendly recipes online. If time is a concern, you can cook over the weekend and freeze portions you can have during the week.   

Get Cheap Haircuts

These days, getting a haircut is an expensive affair, with the average prices for women’s and men’s haircuts being $45 and $30, respectively.  

You could check for coupons and discount codes online before you visit a salon. You could check for barber shops near you where to get cheap haircuts and compare the prices and services offered. To save more, you can consider opting for a low-maintenance haircut. 

Take Stock of All Your Subscriptions

Subscriptions have made life convenient. You may look at it as a small amount for a whole range of services, but multiple such amounts can raise your regular expenses. 

Do you watch content on all digital streaming services you have subscribed to, are you regularly going to the gym, are you listening to audiobooks or podcasts you are paying for? If not, it is time to unsubscribe and optimize your budget.  

Make Big Purchases on Sale Days

Sales are an excellent way of buying products without sacrificing quality. Look for popular departmental stores that offer regular deals and discounts. 

You can time your big purchases by keeping track of their sales calendar.  

Avoid Credit Cards for Bill Payments

According to a report, Americans have an average credit card debt of $6,194. It may seem tempting to charge your rent or big purchases to your credit card, but experts suggest you do so only if you have the financial capability to pay the money back.

To be more careful in your regular expenditures, you could set a limit for expenses on your credit card or freeze them for a few months until you can pay off the debt. 

Shop Using a List

Impulsive purchases, like a pack of candy or a bag of chips, can eat away at your budget. So instead, prepare a shopping list according to your meal planning goals. 

Make it a habit to leave the store with only the items on your list. This can help significantly to streamline your shopping and expenditures. 

You do not have to overhaul your complete lifestyle to save money on regular expenditure. Instead, by adopting simple practices like tracking down expenses, making a budget, cooking at home, shopping during sale days, and searching for places to get cheap haircuts, you can make a substantial improvement in managing your finances.

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