Things to include in an outreach email sample

Things to include in an outreach email sample

You won’t get very far in SEO outreach or link-building without sending the right kind of emails. Just think about it. The influencer whom you want to contact could be receiving tons of them every day. Most of them likely make their way into the spam folder. They might not even be opening them, for all you know. Not getting a response even after finding the right bloggers for your business can be highly frustrating. You have to make your emails engaging if you want them to be opened and read. Going through an outreach email sample will give you a fair idea of making a solid pitch.
Here are some things it should contain to ensure that you are noticed:

Benefits of an email outreach

The topmost advantage of using an email outreach campaign is its user accessibility. Data shows that around four billion people send and receive emails throughout the world. Unless yours is incredibly dull or spammy, there’s no way it’s going to be ignored. Compared to other types of marketing approaches, it is relatively cost-effective.

Reaching the targeted audience

With this type of campaign, you can reach your targeted audience quite easily. That is because you will have to create a list of famous influencers beforehand. You also have the option of customizing and adding a personal touch to your message.

Greater brand awareness

The blogger you connect with is informed about your product, service, or brand when you email them. A perfectly-created mail will arouse their attention immediately. There could also be times when they will require that specific product. You will have an opportunity to convert them into your long-term client. 

Tracking progress

Unlike other marketing strategies, this type of marketing lets you measure your progress with a set of outreach tools. They allow you to measure the conversion rate, monitor the click rates, and notify you when an audience opens your mail. It is an excellent way of observing and analyzing the behavior of your potential clients. You can create a campaign based on those observations. 

Things you should include in your sample

Your email should be unique, in one way or another. It should at least have something new to offer. Unless you do that, you will end up being ignored, just like the bulk of emails they might be receiving every day.

Make it personal

The reason why this point needs constant repetition is its usefulness. The person receiving the message doesn’t know you personally. It would help if you gave your email a personal touch. What that will do is to increase the chances of generating a reply. Start by mentioning their name instead of saying, “Dear Sir.” Try saying something connected to them. It could be a mention of their website that you’ve come across somewhere. That will show them you are serious about pursuing a business partnership. Instead of using the URL, you could also use their blog’s name.

Use humor

If you have a strong sense of humor, you can use it effectively in your pitch. It will make your message more engaging and relatable. You could use a witty subject line or begin your content with a joke. Using puns is also a good way of adding some humor. If you want, feel free to insert an image, video, or GIF. You could add the call to action in a creative way. However, never make unnecessary jokes and always avoid anything that seems remotely inappropriate.

Try to be precise

Your pitch should be straightforward and to the point. Try to keep it to less than 100 words if you can. Never beat around the bush. The influencer could be extremely busy and impatient with content that seemingly goes on forever. It is a good idea to use the example of an “inverted pyramid.” What that means is the most vital part of your pitch should come first. 

Make a call to action

Your mail would be incomplete without including a call to action. It will tell what exactly it is you want from the blogger. However, while making a CTA, try not to give them too many choices. That will leave them confused or uninterested. You could also provide some information about your brand and what it has to offer. Try telling them how collaborating with you would be beneficial for them too. 

Any outreach email sample should include all of the points mentioned above. It will help you to make a strong pitch and ensure that the influencer responds to your email.

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