7 Realistic Ideas to Improve Your Sleep

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Do you dread going to bed due to how falling asleep is an impossible task? This is a sign that your sleep health has to improve so that going to bed is an easy task. Fortunately, having good quality sleep is under everyone’s control in spite of what most people think. Hence, the shift from a restless sleep habit to a restful slumber by creating healthy sleep hygiene is needed. This is possible by making a decision that you will work on improving your sleep. It is easier to maximize the sleeping hours no matter the challenges you experience to sleep well. Therefore, through a jet lag, shift work, or insomnia episodes you can get enough sleep by practicing realistic ideas to improve sleep as well as get to know about the best cheap mattress mentioned in this article. 

  • Create a sleep-inducing environment 

In many countries, there are unique sleep routines and norms on how you should sleep. Nonetheless, no matter the sleeping environment you sleep in it should be conducive for sleep. One way to win in this is copying the bats by creating a quiet, dark, and cool environment that promotes good sleep. Simply, keep off the outside noise with white noise appliances. Use blackout shades or heavy masks to block light as light signals to the brain affect your internal clock. Ensure the temperatures are right and conducive for sleeping. Also, your beddings from your bed, pillows, and nectar mattress are in good condition. It is best to limit your bedroom activities to sleep and sex only. Plus, keep off anything that keeps your brain busy like watching television.

  • Have a sleep schedule

Surprisingly, not many people have sleep schedules and most of those who do have a hard time following them through. The benefit of following through a consistent sleep schedule is it will help you set your internal clock. Also, it ensures that you get better and consistent sleep. Therefore, try going to bed and sleeping at the same time every day to build the momentum to follow through a sleep schedule. The sleep schedule is best when followed during the weekends and holidays as well. To avoid disrupting the routine as the internal clock has already synchronized with this new routine. Practice until you get to the routine where you do not need an alarm clock as you have maintained a consistent wake-sleep time. 

  • Try exercising early 

One amazing benefit of exercise is that it promotes restful sleeping especially if practiced hours before sleeping. Through exercise, you sleep faster and soundly something not many people today can achieve. Therefore, as you exercise the body secretes cortisol which is a stress hormone. Through this, it activates the alerting mechanism in the brain. That will help you later sleep better. Exercising before going to bed is not advised as through the secretion of this hormone you are more alert and sleep becomes a challenge. Therefore, finish exercising at least hours before bed or choose to go for an early workout.

  • Avoid chemicals that interfere with sleep

Some of these are caffeine, nicotine, alcohol among others. These are common sleep stealers and yet they are a part of many poor sleeper’s daily routines. Avoiding these chemicals is easy by choosing to stop using them or changing the time to have them. Also, for instance, it is vital to know caffeine products like chocolates, pain medicines, and cola that you may be using and are not aware of the effects on sleep. Smokers as well should refrain from at least three hours to bedtime as they cause snoring and poor quality sleep. On the other hand, alcohol causes sleep fragmentation due to the increased number of awakenings at night.

  • Have a soothing pre-sleep activity 

This aids in promoting fast sleep and signaling the mind that it is almost time to sleep. Plus, if it works for children then an adult can have one that works for them as well. For instance, do some light reading, take a bath, try breathing exercises and also practice guided sleep meditation. Try this an hour before bed to make it easier to transition from wake time to sleep time. Try others as well that favor you and avoid stressful activities that can lead to the secretion of the cortisol hormone. Meditate, pray or listen to music to calm your mind than discussing emotional issues and other stimulating activities.

  • Induce your sleep 

There are several ways that you can induce sleep. However, not all work with everyone but there is a pick for anyone that needs to induce sleep. For instance, taking some herbal teas like chamomile tea help a lot in inducing sleep taken an hour before bed. Another one is going to bed when you are truly tired as lying in your bed for over half an hour with no sleep is frustrating. Hence, getting out of bed to do something else that is relaxing that gets you tired enough to go to bed is helpful. Exposure to light also works to your advantage to maintaining a healthy sleep-wake cycle. Achieve this by letting the light in during your morning office break and when you head to sleep in a less lit room you fall asleep faster.

  • Regard the meals and fluids you take

The meals and fluids you consume can hinder or improve your sleep. Hence lighten up on your meals especially for dinner time. Consider less spicy foods, high carb meals that may cause insomnia due to indigestion and possible reflux. Also, if you sleep later avoid sleeping hungry if you had dinner early. Grab a snack that will not interfere with your sleep. For instance, a banana, bowl of cereal or a handful of nuts. As for the fluids, drink enough fluid so that you do not wake up due to thirst but not too much that you have to interfere with your sleep as you go for several trips to the bathroom.


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