9 Strategies to Increase Your Conversion Rate of Your Small Business

How to increase conversion rate

Getting traffic on your website can be great but if that does not convert into sales then it is almost useless. It is challenging to drive the audience to the webpage but when that happens, you need to make sure they engage with the website which increases the chances of sales. If that does not happen, then all your efforts to reach out to the audience is a waste.

Here are a few strategies that will help in increasing the website conversion rate of your small business.

  1. Clearly State the Product (or Service) Benefits:

You need to sell your products to your customers by clearly stating how it can solve their problems. List features of your products clearly 

  1. Target the Right Audience:

There is a possibility that the conversion is low because the right audience is not landing on your page. You need to implement target marketing so that most people who land on your site are searching for products similar to yours.

  1. Use Artificial Intelligence to Interact with Customers:

The use of artificial intelligence to enhance business is not new. Many websites like EliteTrading are already using this technology to automate their trading process and help customers gain good profits.

Customers may have a few queries before they engage with your brand. If you are unable to afford 24/7 customer representatives, include chatbox on the website which answers most of the frequency asked questions. You will be surprised to see the number of people who people ask the same questions in the chatbox. This will improve customer experience and the chances of conversion.

  1. Keep the Form Short:

When asking users to fill for information, if you ask them to fill unnecessary fields, they may lose patience and quit the page completely. Only seek necessary information and make sure to mention your privacy policy on the website.

  1. Add a Guarantee:

Include your refund policy clearly on the homepage as well as the product page so that the customers are assured that their purchase is risk-free.

  1. Include Testimonials:

Testimonials from satisfied clients on the homepage is a great way to make your brand look more trustworthy. Use them on landing pages to increase your brand value.

  1. Place Conversion Elements Above the Fold:

It is a good practice to place conversion elements above the fold, but do not blindly place it there if it makes no sense. Users need some basic information about what they are opting for before they seal the deal. Provide enough information about the product and company on the page so that the customer is convinced to engage with your company.

  1. Offer Various Payment Options:

Include more than three payment options as different buyers prefer to pay differently and not everyone would wish to use PayPal.

  1. Include Consumer Reviews:

Customers look at reviews of other buyers on product pages. Do not forget to add reviews of each product on individual product pages so that customers can make an informed decision.

The Bottom Line:

The only way you can be sure that your website is designed based on the needs of your target audience is to test it again and again. Not just the homepage but also test all the landing pages as there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. you have to figure out individual strategies for every web page on the site to run a successful business. 

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