Top features of McLaren OnePlus Concept One : CES 2020

mclaren oneplus concept one in CES2020

The One Plus Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., commonly referred to as OnePlus, which is very famous in the smartphone industry for years. Now OnePlus comes in CES 2020 with its Third Limited edition with McLaren – OnePlus Concept One, which has a lot to relate with supercar Mclarens 720S. This Concept phone projects newer tangents to the smartphone industry by using the signature McLaren papaya-hued orange leather on the backside. One Plus used Vapourised Gold Plated sites and with an incredibly thin slice of a material called electrochromic glass above the rear camera.

Top features about the OnePlus Concept one – One Plus’s third collaborated phone with McLaren:-

  • McLaren papaya-hued orange leather
  • The electrochromic glass on the rear camera
  • Vapourised gold plated sides
  • Neutral-density filter for the camera
  • And, McLaren Limited edition design

Still Adding more in it……..

McLaren papaya-hued orange leather:- The phone has been developed in collaboration with McLaren. One Plus used Mclaren’s 720S Spider sports car’s papaya-hued orange leather. We’ve seen finishes such as bamboo, wood, Kevlar, Alcantara, frosted glass, and ceramic on OnePlus phones in the past. The Concept One’s special glass only covers the camera section, while the rest is covered by leather, with exposed stitching. 

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The electrochromic glass on rear camera:- OnePlus call on its large R&D staff to take a feature found in pricey McLaren sunroofs and adapt it to work on a smartphone. There’s an incredibly thin slice of a material called electrochromic glass above the phone’s rear cameras that turn opaque and transparent when voltage is applied to it. 

Vapourised gold plated sides:- The frame of the phone is made of an aluminum alloy treated with a new vapour deposition process so that the thin gold finish layer can be deposited precisely, resulting in what the company calls a subtle shine, making it premium yet affordable.

Neutral-density filter for the camera:- Beyond that, this chameleonic glass does seem to have some practical benefits too, like the ability to act like a neutral-density filter for the camera. Long story short, it can reduce the amount of light entering the cameras by about three stops (the photographic equivalent of “a lot”), so you can shoot wide aperture shots with plenty of bokeh in Pro mode without worrying about overexposure. They’re also accommodating for shooting video in bright situations, too, or so my producer told me while shooting our hands-on video.

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