Advantages of Dental Crown Replacement to Treat Toothaches

Advantages of Dental Crown Replacement to Treat Toothaches

Sydney is best known for the iconic Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. However, Sydney is not only limited to these two landmarks. Sydney is also known to be a highly modernized city with economic connections across the globe. Likewise, the residents of Sydney enjoy modern facilities for the practice of medicine and cosmetic dentistry. Because of this, residents need not worry about their concerns when it comes to body pains, sicknesses, and even tooth problems as they can have access to an excellent cosmetic dentist in sydney

A lot of factors can cause toothaches. Whatever the cause may be, the pain and inconvenience of a toothache can hinder your productivity. So, if you have a toothache, it is best to consult with your dentist immediately. Minor tooth problems, when not addressed immediately, may lead to more serious concerns which will require more expensive procedures. Damage teeth may be corrected with simple procedures such as using a bonding resin or using fillings. However, when the damage goes deep into the roots, you will need to have a more extensive procedure such as a root canal followed by a dental crown replacement. 

What is a Dental Crown? 

The uppermost portion of your tooth is called the crown. This part of your tooth takes the most wear and tear since it is responsible for biting and chewing food. The crown also protects the inner canal of the tooth, which contains the nerves. When the crown gets damaged, bacteria may enter the tooth canal and irritate the nerves. This causes toothaches. Natural crowns that are damaged beyond repair may be replaced with synthetic dental crowns. Dental crown replacements offer the following benefits. 

Support and Protection. Dental crowns protect against bacteria from entering the tooth canal and irritating the root and nerves. Since dental crowns are fabricated, they can be made from extremely durable materials such as resin, porcelain infused metals, ceramic, alloys, gold, or even stainless steel. These materials are extremely durable and can also offer additional support to your remaining natural teeth. 

Durable. Since dental crowns can be made from highly durable materials, they may last from five years, even to a lifetime. This means that when you have your natural crown replaced with a durable crown, you are making a worthwhile investment. 

Simple to Install. The installation of dental crowns is a non-invasive procedure. A cosmetic dentist in sydney will need only clean the enamel where the dental crown is to be placed then apply a potent binding agent to hold the crown in position. However, the procedures preceding the placement of the dental crown may vary from just filing the enamel to a root canal. 

Relieve Toothaches. The primary cause of a toothache is the irritation of the nerves within the root canal. The main function of a dentist is to make sure that bacteria that enters the root canal is removed and hence the need for drilling into the canal. Next, the dentist will need to cover any opening to the root canal by either using fillings or bonding resins. A damaged tooth can either be replaced with veneers or wholly extracted. Damaged crowns of teeth are more susceptible to cavities, and therefore they need to be replaced by dental crowns. 

Customization. A good Cosmetic dentist in sydney can custom fabricate dental crowns according to your requirements, budget, and style. 

Dental crowns are effective in making sure that cavity-causing bacteria will no longer penetrate a treated tooth. However, you should still maintain proper teeth hygiene to ensure that your teeth will not get damaged again. 

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