When Do You Need Emergency Dentistry in Tarzana?


The cost of living in Tarzana is 28% higher than the Los Angeles average. Hence the cost of emergencies and regular dental care is also higher than in other city areas. While the price of dental implants and other dental services may be higher, there are many exceptional dental care facilities in Tarzana.

These facilities and clinics employ certified general dentists and cosmetic dentists and assure the highest quality services. Residents will have no trouble finding a dentist in Tarzana and have access to quality dental care. Dental problems don’t always come with a warning. Anyone could wake up with excruciating tooth pain or other related problems. 

Intense Pain and Discomfort

Stats show that over 89% of adults in the U.S voted for tooth decay pain as the most severe kind of pain they have ever experienced. Several dental problems could result in toothaches. It’s best to contact your emergency dentist even if you experience mild to moderate toothaches since the pain could intensify over the day. In addition, reports show that tooth pains can sometimes be intense enough to cause fainting and nausea in a person. 

Issues like cavities do not always result in pain. Sometimes, they cause other reactions like annoying tingling sensations in the gums, itching, and numbness. Dental experts recommend reaching out to your dentist if you experience any signs of discomfort in your mouth.

Bleeding or Swelling

If your mouth is bleeding or your gums are swollen, you may want to contact your emergency dentist. Oral or dental health problems or falls, or accidents that can cause your teeth to break or gums to sustain tears can trigger bleeding. Swelling in gums is most likely a sign of dental or gum infections—bacteria and other microbes that damage teeth can cause infections in your mouth. 

If left unattended, the infection could aggravate or spread into other areas of the mouth. Your emergency dentist can handle the issue and prevent it from escalating into something more severe. Your dentist can also prescribe pain relief medication if the infection has painful results.

Tooth Fractures or Breakage

Teeth fractures or breakage consequent to falls while playing sports or meeting with accidents are the most common dental emergencies in America. For instance, athletes and players who play high-impact sports like football, basketball, and soccer could fall and sustain dental fractures despite mouth guards. 

Therefore, it’s essential to consult your emergency dentist at the earliest if you face similar issues. Your dentist can critically assess the damage and ensure that there are no more profound issues. The dentist will also perform relevant surgical procedures to repair your broken or fractured tooth. Get the best services from braces Singapore.

Sudden Enamel Loss or Tooth Loss

The strength and rigidity of teeth start diminishing drastically after the age of 50. As a result, seniors could face issues like sudden enamel loss or tooth fallouts. Unfortunately, enamel erosion is a common problem that seniors have to deal with. However, timely care and attention could repair the problem to an extent.

Wrap Up

According to stats, the dental implant market saw a 13% growth rate over the past five years. There are several reputed, certified general dentists in Tarzana. It’s best to contact your emergency dentist immediately if you have a dental problem.

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