All You Need To Know About JavaScript SEO

Need To Know About JavaScript SEO

JavaScript is considered to be the most well-known programming language, right from the time it is released. It allows developers to create large-scale web applications easily. The best advantage is that it can update webpages dynamically and makes them more engaging and interactive. This ultimately enhances the site’s user experience. When JavaScript come together with SEO, it definitely impacts up to a certain point, but there are some ways to make them work together. The details you need to know are given below.

Impact of JavaScript on SEO:

Page loading process becomes easier by using JavaScript. Implementing it is also easy and offers a rich and better interface. Although, the fluidity of the browser keeps on changing on the basis of the user interaction. This makes the process of understanding the page tougher for search engine, and hence associating a value to the content, also becomes difficult. When it comes to rendering the web pages that are integrated with JavaScript, search engines suffer from having limitations. An initial crawl is performed by Google, on the pages and indexes all the findings. Therefore, all the links and content that relies on JavaScript can get totally ignored by search engines, that will obviously harm the SEO of the website. SEO services USA will help you to set-up the JavaScript-based in a specific format that is welcomed by Google. Both JS and SEO can be made to work harmoniously to boost the ranking of your site.

The process:

Search engines process JavaScript in three main phases- crawling, indexing and rendering. The phase of crawling is a complicated process that is all about the discoverability of the content. When it comes to rendering, they are of two types- Server-side and Client-side rendering. In SSR or Server-side rendering, the servers are populated with the pages. The HTML markup that a bot receives helps the SEO in rendering JS. The latest and fair type is the Client-side rendering that is used by the developers to create their websites totally rendered in the web-browser with JS. When the data is fetched by the WR or Web rendering service, Google’s indexer starts indexing the content.


Implementation of JavaScript wrongly can shatter your SEO. Put your efforts on the On-page elements and optimize the title tags, alt attributes in images, meta descriptions and meta robot tags and the structure of the URL should be SEO-friendly. Try to put-up your JS in the DOM or. Document Objective Model, because when it is loaded sufficiently, rendering works. Do not block the search engines from accessing your JavaScript content. Input HTTPS status codes that are relevant and meaningful. If there is the existence of any duplicate, lazy-loaded content or images, those must be fixed. Make use of the latest JS SEO tools that are available that will help you in detecting and fixing the issues.

The challenges:

There are some real challenges and are faced by the SEO experts. Most of the mistakes take place while optimizing the JS-based sites. While auditing a JavaScript site, one would probably face issues with CSS and unminified JS caused by comments, unnecessary lines, external server hosting and white space, that makes the website slow. Work on all these to avoid such circumstances. Avoid using a hash in the URLs and make it Google-friendly. The structure of the internal link must be taken care of, so that it becomes reachable to the bots, and provide the traditional ‘href’ link. 


JavaScript performs undoubtedly good to expand a website’s functionality. But, it is also necessary to understand that search engines and JS do not always work together. JS affects the ranking by impacting on the crawling and indexing. Hence, the professional must know how the search engine bots do the processing of JS content. 

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