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Body Temperature Monitoring Devices are the Need of the Hour

Body Temperature Monitoring Devices are the Need of the Hour

As the country starts on the path to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions are being eased throughout the country, there is a growing need for remote body temperature monitoring systems. The Daizo body temperature monitoring device is one of the most effective and efficient ways to ensure a safe and COVID-free work environment. 

Today, non-contact temperature assessment devices are being increasingly used as part of the initial check at entry points of businesses and stores to measure body temperatures of customers and employees alike. These devices use thermal imaging systems and non-contact infrared thermometers to measure the body’s temperature. Elevated body temperature is a quite effective way to identify a person who may be suffering from COVID-19 infection. Although increased body temperature is not a sure-shot way to identify the symptoms of corona-virus, it is still an effective and preventive measure to curb its spread. 

Need for Body Temperature Monitoring Devices 

Business corporations, transportation systems, community organizations, etc. are developing plans to resume normal operations in gradual phases to curb the spread of COVID-19 infection. The step-wise resuming of business operations include an initial assessment for identifying people who may be infected with the COVID-10 virus in order to prevent its spread in their offices. 

Temperature measurement is an aspect of determining if a person has a high temperature, which could be an indicator of the presence of COVID-19 in the person. Although handheld body temperature monitoring devices initially became increasingly popular, the social distancing norms put into place have made non-contact remote temperature monitoring devices a better choice. Traditional oral thermometers and handheld body temperature assessment devices raise the risk of spreading the infection drastically. 

Thermal imaging systems, such as infrared telethermographic systems and thermal imaging cameras are becoming the top choice for monitoring body temperature and adhering to the social distancing norms in the process. 

Scientific studies also support the use of remote body temperature assessment devices to detect elevated temperatures. There are numerous benefits of using these devices.

Benefits of Using Daizo Body Temperature Monitoring Devices

Below are the benefits of using Daizo temperature monitoring device:

1 – Detect body temperature in real-time

Daizo body temperature sensing devices can detect body temperature within 1 second. This provides businesses and store-owners information about the customers’ or employees’ body temperature in real-time and instantly. As elevated body temperature and fever are among the symptoms of COVID-19. Businesses can detect employees and customers with a potential risk of coronavirus and stop their entry to curb the spread of the infection. 

2 – Excellent safety measure for employees and customers alike

For most businesses, the safety of employees is the top priority when resuming work from offices. Using remote temperature screening devices is an excellent way to safeguard against the spread of infection at the entry point into the business premises.  

It is also an excellent way to boost employee morale at the workplace and results in increased productivity. When staff members do not need to worry about the potential threat of the virus being spread in the office premises it creates a positive, safe, and productive work environment. This is also a great way to prevent loss of work hours in case the office premises is put under lockdown if an infectious person is found to have visited it. 

Applications of Daizo Body Temperature Screening Device

Some of the most common, real-world applications of Daizo temperature screening device are in:

Corporate offices

Remote temperature checking kiosks at corporate offices are excellent to measure the body temperature of customers and employees every day at the entry and exit points of the office premises. This is a definite way to ensure that only those employees and customers with normal body temperature are allowed entry into the offices. It also ensures that employees have a normal body temperature when going home at the end of the workday. 

In case the remote temperature screening kiosk detects elevated body temperature in an employee or customer they can be immediately notified and advised to seek further medical assistance and prevented from entering the premises and raising the risk of spreading the virus. 

Restaurants and eateries

Numerous restaurants have opened and are strictly adhering to social distancing norms. Face masks have become mandatory and hand sanitizers are being used extensively. 

They have also started to use the remote temperature screening devices to monitor the body temperature of their patrons. In addition, it also helps to ensure that employees with a normal body temperature are allowed entry into the restaurant. 

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