Amazon share: Online retailer launches summer Sale


On Wednesday, Amazon will start the summer Sale, which is up to 15. July continues. The shipping giant offers with discounts of up to 40 percent. With sale events, Amazon has regularly record sales – as the “Black Friday” and the “Prime Day”. In a communication to the company at the beginning of June, it was said, that this excitement and the sales boost generated should be.

The annually in July taking place at the end of the Prime Day, however, was moved. The group feared that the logistical burden not withstanding. Due to the Corona-crisis, the number of Online orders increased strongly.

Amazon with varying range

The summer Sale does not apply to concrete products, but rather the changing “deals of the day are available in almost all categories every day” available. Those, in turn, are each valid for 24 hours.

That such measures as lucrative for the Tech group can be, shows a view of the Events in the past year. So Amazon 2019 generated on a single day (Prime Day), with a turnover of around 2 billion US dollars. Here, a total of 175 million products were sold.

Amazon share price development Overview

Although the stock market declined in value from Amazon within the last week to 0.9 percent. In the case of a wider time horizon, however, shows that those who hold the shares in your Stock portfolio, can look back on a so far successful year 2020. The securities of these days recorded at 2.445 euros, at the beginning of the year, it is still 1.679 euros. The gain fails with 45.6 percent to beech – and this mind you is in a Phase in which most of the industries high level of break-ins. If the summer Sale can boost the price of Amazon shares is still more, must only still show up.

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