Android 11: New features and Improvements

Android 11 New features and Improvements

Google has released the first version of Android 2020 11, a little earlier than expected. However, the latest version of Android includes a lot of amazing new features, including visual changes, additions to improve user security, and support for newer technologies such as foldable screen and 5G. Before we discuss the best new Android 11 features, let’s talk about the release date of Android 11 and when it will become on your Android device, if that will come.

What’s Android 11 called?

Android 11 is called, unexpectedly, Android 11. If you’ve been living under a rock all this time, Google decided last year to drop the name of desserts in the next Android versions. For this record, it’s easier Android 11 instead of Android R. However, we would have appreciated something like Android Red Velvet Cake or Android Rum Cake. There are references to Android R in the Android 11 Developer Preview, but they are only for developers, so don’t raise your hopes.

Android 11 Focused Updates for Developers

Besides the newest features, developers will be glad to know that Android 11 has come with many fixes. For example, it happens from time to time to get app crashes even on the phone, so Google will want to update these unexpected API exists, which will allow the developers to request more details surrounding their app’s recent crashes. Developers will be also glad to know that Android 11 comes with updates that will help loading and installing APKs that are larger than 2 GB will install 10x faster, thanks to the incremental APK installations. 

In addition, developers will be glad to know that there are wireless debugging improvements where developers won’t need a cable to setup wireless debugging and it will give a much faster workflow for the app. Besides, there is a new memory safety tool where Google has added a GWP-ASan as another way to help developers find and fix the memory safety issues with their apps. So for example, if some online slots games run slowly, with Android 11, developers will respond much faster in improving the games and make them run smoothly.  

However, this is not all in the world of mobile games, besides the support of 5G, Android 11 will aso have a low-latency decoding for game streaming on services like Google Stadia. Even the data accessed through audit will be improved, where developers will better understand how their app accesses user information. So in other words, Android 11 will be a massive improvement overall for the developers as well as Android users.   

The best and newest Android 11 features

Google has extended the dark mode to the entire system in Android 10. The latest Android update adds a small important update, however, to the best Android features. Users can now program how dark mode will be enabled on Android 11. In dark theme settings, a user can plan a dark theme for the entire system at sunset or enter a custom duration.

A native screen recorder in Android has been around for over a year now. The feature first arrived in one of the Android 10 developer previews; However, Google redistributed before the final launch. It seems that the internal screen recorder is now finally ready, not “now” now, but it will hopefully be in the final version. Currently, users can switch it from the notification shade in Android 11 DP1 and that’s it. There are no other settings to change the resolution. Furthermore, the recording screen does not have the ability to record audio by default.

The Android operating system distribution menu has been problematic from the beginning, especially changing categories every time we re-open the menu. However, Google solved the problem in Android 11 with the option to fix applications. In the latest Android update, users can set up to four apps in the Android Share menu. The feature first appeared in the build of Android 10 developers, but Google gave up the final version. Hopefully the Pin apps in the Share Menu option here to stay on Android by 2020.

One of the most useful features of Android 11 is the new conversation section in the notification bar. That’s true, app notifications are a mess. Most are mitigating and filling the notification bar, forcing users to search harder to find the important ones. Google solves the problem by highlighting conversations in the notification bar. Android 2020 features a new conversation section that appears right at the top of the notification bar. It marks a total of three notification sections in Android – Conversations, Standard and Silent.

A major visual change that users should expect when finalizing Android 2020 is the multicolored icons in the Quick Settings area. The new Android version allows users to add different color codes to each quick setup icon. Of course, Google doesn’t want users to go overboard; therefore, it offers only the four colors – red, blue, yellow and green. 

Chat Bubbles is an Android 10 feature that Google did not release in the latest version. The option remains in the shadow of options for developers. However, Google will launch the full-featured feature on Android 2020 11. Developers have already been told to incorporate the feature’s API into Android apps. Bubbles allow multitasking and interaction with applications without having to close the current application. Think of it as Facebook messaging chat heads – This Android 10 feature lets you minimize any app in a small circle that floats on the screen above all other apps.

In the previous version of Android, Google introduced a separate permission manager in the Android settings and the “Allow only while using the app” option, while granting access to the user’s location. On Android 2020 11, Google adds another permission option: “Only allow this time.” The application will ask for the user’s approval the next time you open the Android application. From now on, the new permission option is available when you request permissions for location, microphone, and camera.

Other Android 11 features

A developer option in the Android 2020 settings displays the current refresh rate on the screen. Users will see the number in the upper left corner of the screen. We are not sure about the use of the function, because the refresh rate remains constant, even if it is changed to 90Hz or 120Hz.

There are hardly any smartphones that have a dedicated headphone jack. Of course, Bluetooth has become a necessity in the world of wireless headphones. However, Airplane mode turns off Bluetooth on all Android smartphones. While users can activate it, it is a useless step. A new feature of Android 2020 is that Bluetooth will remain enabled in airplane mode if connected to a wireless device.

The little-known notification log can be changed in the notification history with a lot of additional features in Android 11. For those who don’t know, a hidden setting in Android shows the notification log, where users can check for missed notifications. The feature is likely to be renewed in Android 2020 with more focus on notifications.

In addition to the Android 2020 features mentioned above, there are changes under the hood, such as more support for the 5G network, as well as foldable devices. Google is also adding 12 new modules that will be updated through the Google Play Store instead of a complete operating system update. Google claims that Android 2020 devices will be able to hold “verifiable identification documents, such as ISO 18013-5 compliant mobile driving licenses.”

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