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Della Beauty: Innovation to Bring Back The Natural Skin Care Range

Organic Skincare: A new buzz in beauty trend

Countless products, numerous offers, several labels!! Are they actually natural, clean or organic? 

First you have to understand few things about this concept of organic and natural product. All natural products are organic but all organic products are not natural. It is not sure that all organic products contain the raw natural form of ingredient. Even there is no specific organization which can define the standards for natural and organic product. Here best suggestion is to look closely over the ingredient of the product you have chosen. Make sure the ingredient are fresh farmed and not mixed with toxic preservatives.

What Della Beauty Bought Back in Natural Skincare?

Organic skincare means the products that are fragmented or made up of naturally obtained ingredients and do not have GMOs, pesticide and even fertilizers. Just labeling the product under organic range does not confined any product under its natural standard bars. This is what our beauty startup is focusing on under Della-beauty flagship products, which are organically derived from essentials oils of natural herbs. We have launched diverse skincare product that fits every skin types and spent hours of researching natural ingredient to make them exact fine for the different skincare need.
Countless Skin Care Products Range With Della Beauty

Our skin care line holds a series of special products that include wonderful natural lotions, cream, masks, scrubs and oils etc. All our skin care range is featured and infused with super fruits, teas, coconuts, Coco and stem cells, which are aimed at consumers looking for cheaper yet effective to their beauty need.

Our Product line accommodate:

  1. Della SOS Cream 
  2. Coco Soap
  3. Della Avococo Clay Mask
  4. Della Body Lotion
  5. Organic Scrub
  6. Dell Premium Whitening Mask
  7. Stemcell

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Safe and Effective – So No Worries

Herbal aspects are an invaluable gift of nature to us. And, the product made from natural formulations has always gained a considerable attention because of their good activity and comparatively lesser or nil side effects. They are proven in maintaining and enhancing skin health with offering multiple benefits like cleaning, toning and moisturizing. We have inherited the same properties in our product range to aid the skin ailments.

Wrap Up

Our product line is increasingly sophisticated and becoming the fast changing consumer preferences in Cambodia and worldwide, through our both virtual online store and outlet. We also continuously try to embrace with our audience via live video sessions on Facebook. Our efforts are focused to demonstrate our expertise with ingredient level communication by investing ample of time. It also helps us to provide a room for growth in products and brand with different suggestions and advices. – CEO of Della Beauty

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Della Beauty

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