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ArmourZones Launches Its Social Distancing Training Systems While Maintaining Safety & Fun on the Playground and Sports Field

ArmourZones Launches Its Social Distancing Training Systems

(March 13, 2021 – San Antonio, Texas) – From professional to amateur and youth, all sports have been hard hit by the Covid pandemic.  Armour Zones, founded by athletic industry veterans and based in San Antonio, Texas have created a one-of-a-kind teaching, programming, and coaching application that allows kids, as well as adults, to experience what social distancing really looks like.

ArmourZones’ proprietary, patent-pending ground markers utilize a distinctive distance measuring feature, called “Halos”, that enables athletes and students to fully understand essential social distancing and spacing, all while having fun on the playground, gymnasium, and other training settings.  Perhaps equally important is the learning legacy that that Armour Zones instills beyond the playground or sports field.  Trained by ArmourZones, everyone will gain a clear grasp of what social distancing actually looks like in their everyday world – whether a grocery store, restaurant, shopping mall or any gathering.

As active teaching and coaching professionals, working with students and athletes every day, ArmourZones recognized a gap.  Our research indicated that:

71% of kids report they have participated in an activity where social distancing was not observed.

94% of kids believe they are socially distanced when they were closer than the recommended distance.

98% of coaches say that exercises and activities are limited when social distancing is required.

99% of kids maintain social distancing for, on average, 4 minutes before they lose distance awareness.

The bottom line, our two Armour Zones Kit systems delivers educators and coaches the tools to provide kids a safe and highly engaged, safe-sports and high-performance experience.  Like most, we want kids happy, healthy, active, and safe.”  Indicates Dave Voth, one of the founders and a 30-year sports industry veteran.

ArmourZones was developed in collaboration with high-performance experts with professional sports backgrounds including the NFL, NCAA, and NBA, among others.  The high-performance attributes that are incorporated into the ArmourZones’ system deliver a powerful benefit beyond the pandemic and social distancing requirements.

ArmourZones Kits are now available at ArmourZones.  As part of an introductory offer to coaches, trainers and educators, all orders receive a limited time offer of 10% off on the first purchase plus free shipping.  For groups, organizations, and schools, please inquire via our website for special group pricing.


ArmourZones provides social distancing training, fitness, exercises and educational tools, curriculum and lesson plans and high-performance activities, so that you can remain active, having fun in groups of any size – all while keeping a safe space.  ArmourZones

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    16620 San Pedro Ave., Suite 225
    San Antonio, TX 78232
    Tel: +1 (210) 716 3213
  2. Steven Wulf
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    16620 San Pedro Ave., Suite 225
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    Tel: +1 (512) 765-4606
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