Atto Abbas interview on social media For Successful Soccer career


Young Nigerian Footballer, Atto Abbas was interviewed via social media about his career and expectations as a professional footballer. Winger and midfielder is currently based in Turkey. He has
attracted the media’s attention due to his discipline and persistence on and off the football field.

Atto: “my dream and desire is to play for My country”

Atto dreams of a possible call up every now and then with Nigeria and we hope that he gets his time.

Vikas: why Do you want to play for nigeria?

Atto: I always dream of playing for my country.

Vikas: Who is your role model and why?

Atto: My role model is messi I always try to To play like him his body language his pattern Play his behavior with the ball on his foot i am really working very well to be like him.

Vikas: What position do you play and why?

Atto: winger both midfield and central midfield are the positions that I am good at, I do amazing things.

Vikas: What’s your plan to get to the top?

Atto: My plans to get to the top is to work hard for what I want to be and make every opportunity very useful. I have played soccer all my life.

Vikas: What differentiates you from other young footballers?

Atto: Hard work, determination and my skills on the ball and on pitch.

Vikas: Why should Nigerian national team U20 team Should give you a chance?

Atto: Every team need the best to play in their team and I am the best when it comes to soccer.

Vikas: Why did you choose football as a profession?

Atto: I chose football because football is part of meabout 80% of my friends play soccer In my hometown so as you can see soccer is in our blood, it’s in our genes. I will say we inherited it because my little brother also plays soccer, my cousins, uncles are all good and talented players. If I am to mention them all there won’t be enough space but, soccer is in our genes and part of Us We sleep with it, dream about it, eat it, it’s our daily routine. I can’t do without soccer!

Vikas: Where do you see yourself in 5years?

Atto: I see myself playing for one of the best teams in Europe in the next five years doing amazing things.

Manager Fuat Capa also stated about Atto’s growth and improvement, “he is a young lad always willing to learn, he has the right mentality and am sure he will fit in the team when called upon”.


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